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The lung cancer is being planted in the lungs of the lungs


As you do not believe, a The woman received a double lung transplant As he was in the cisab fibrosis, he knew what a life of emergency would have in his life. A & # 39; successful & # 39; After the surgery and later recovering, he developed it Lung cancer

When the symptoms were noticed, doctors began to find out what failed in the operation, and the transplant understood the smoker's lungs.

Lung transplant and death of lung cancer. Photo: Pixabay

The baby also gave birth to a transplant

"According to the provider, the 57-year-old woman who had consumed cigarette pack for up to 30 years was a cohabitation." A study conducted by the medical atop at the University Hospital in Monpellier says.

In 2017 unfortunately, the hospital was admitted to the Orology Oncology Division. Though efforts were on to save life, lung cancer took two months to live.

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The difference between respiratory transport and the first radiological asset is that the human carcinogenesis begins at the time of the provider's lifetime.

Lung transplant and death of lung cancer. Photo: Pixabay

Doctors say that the organs coming from lung infections and the donors who have been quit smoking should be treated more cautiously.

If the patient experiences miscarriages, the cancer develops rapidly in the cancer causing cancer due to cancer caused by cancer.

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