Saturday , January 16 2021

The most effective way to avoid cold and flu

According to the Spanish Society of General Practitioners and Family Information Officer Moses Robledo, the first reason for cooling and cooling is simply cool: "In these stations, when the virus spreads high-air diseases, which enter the body through the mucous membrane of the snort and throat.

The most effective way to get rid of flu or cold is to access all pockets: wash your hands continuously. The Carlos III Health Institute recommends at least five times a day (10 or more) during a minimum of 20 seconds.

Flu Virus Resists a little time on the outer surface: in hand, for example, five or 10 minutes.

Miriam Fernandez, a specialist in microbiology at Clinica di Navarra, told Buenavida: "If you tear your eyes at the moment or put your hand in your mouth then you have already infected." The condition reduces the likelihood of illness with 90% of the influenza. They escaped from their vacuum, followed by vaccination (reduces risk in 70%), agglomeration and closure spaces (50%) and home clean (40%) and ventilate them. Towards the tail, take vitamin C (1%), do acute exercises (10%) or drink lots of fluid (10% or 20%).

So, are not oranges nothing?

Eat all the fruits you like with vitamin C, but you should know that the idea that the flu is far away is a belief.

We need only 1 gram of this micronutrient daily. Working Group on the Infectious Diseases of Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians said, "You can take a lot more, but the one you do with vitamin C will remove it in urine."

Good reputation, another delicious thing with honey, when we have already arrived in cold drinks, usually drink honey with honey, it definitely relieves the reflection of dry cough, according to Maria del Carmen Sege of the Faculty of Plant Biology Department, "Vigo University, But it does not cure disorder and is not a critical effect of respiratory tract ".

"Anti-cancer" diet does not exist

Leading to a healthy lifestyle is not the key to getting sick, although it rarely shows up about food that increases immunity. The status of experts is unanimous: food is not preventing infection, but there is food that makes it more tolerant, such as vegetable broth, fruits, vegetables or moist drinks. The Spanish Society of Immunology has made it clear that "the only clear thing in this field is that malnutrition compromises the immune system." Relax properly if it's a pattern that works.

Special advice for children

Among the keys to the therapists to keep children away from the virus, there is a lot of hygiene, and do not share glasses, plates, or anything with them. HRN / Globovicin

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