Sunday , May 9 2021

The oil is given to Messi and Vital society in Barcelona

According to the system coach Ernesto Valverd suggested that both the South Americans themselves had a significant supplement. So they played.

By: L. Rivera Telpens

Arturo returned to Barcelona at the start of a 2-0 win over Vital Vilari. As happened in the Champions League with Atlatoco Madrid and PSV Endowon, Chilean Arnesto Valverd appeared in a plan that is not completely unknown, but it must be done directly with the movement of Leonard Messi.

Beyond the status of Ivan Rakitik and Sergio Buskets, "King Arthur" appeared as a shuttle in front of "Yellow Submarine", but with the clear instruction coming forward with the center. It's not new … but synchronization with Lionel Messi.

Due to absence of Luis Suarez, "10" went to the center and supported several meters between the centrals for America's champions. South terrorists jointly joined during the encounter in some ways to find places before the darkest of both visitors from three quarters of the area.

Vidal was the person who had finished dramas and Massey, which got accelerated in the surgeon sector. 58 & # 39; On, for example, due to the game of preparation, it was shot by Argentine for Chile's destination, however, "22" Kettel opened his feet to confuse goalkeeper sergio essenjo.

The national team performed well and when it was replaced, it was received by fans who reached Camp No (70 & amp; nbsp;).

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