Monday , January 18 2021

The Palegrini quietly shook with his scorer

The Chilean coach was in the FA Cup match with Mark Arnewwick in the West Ham United Classification.

West Ham United No Manual Pelagrii Advanced in FA Cup After 2-0 Birmingham. However, there was a scene that stole vision in England.

During the first minute of the duel, Marco Aranotovic suffered from back pain and Chile changed it to "20 Precautions". The striker was upset and at times rebuked the coach who did not last longer than ten seconds.

The Palegrain was advised about the situation and was fired. "He had a backache, so I thought it was better to replace him as he was coming out of another injury and played 90 minutes less than 72 hours ago. I could have followed, but risk was better. Yes, there was hatred, but it was just a minute, "he said.

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