Saturday , April 1 2023

The parakeys prepare a series of drug trafficking in Chile


Chilean construction company, Pariks – recognizes works Monkey Daddy, Therapy o Jean Messima– Last week I was introduced to MiPaChansun to investigate the emergence of drug trafficking in Delhi and participate in new sequences and screens.

The project, co-produced with Enric Vidla and Rodriguez SuSorta, is known by the name Silver bridge The story of the Husuf family, identified by Chilean Narkos in the 50s.

In detail, Leonora Gonzalez, Alvaro Cabello, and Sergey Gaudara de Paroux will be produced. It provides assistance from the Promotion Promotion (Corpu) under the Ministry of Economic, Development and Tourism.

The development of the series, combining diversity, funding and paroxia now seeks partners to build a series and screens in Latin America.

According to Sergio Gardara, from Parox they define the series as a precaution NarkosPrior to arriving in Colombia, Latin America teaches the origin of cocaine tracts.

The Oracle of One Announced Years of Dynamo, announced the Red Arrow from Red Line, a red arrow on the origin of drug trafficking in Latin America. "In Latin America Narkos"

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