Monday , August 15 2022

The parking charges in Mall Urban Space have been completed


The municipality of Poona Ernas and the organized neighborhoods
Payment for use of Mall Parking will end
Urban space, cheap merchants,
Customers and residents of towns near the center

Board of neighbor

President of the Communist Union of Punta Arenas said
Because of the increased benchmarking charge within the park "
There was the impact of a road specially affected by a social problem
Raul Silva Henrikques Population We make
Collected for four weekends, to get great support from them
We will use it as citizenship and in the first instance
The first hour of the municipal council led by Mayor
Using the exterior is free. "

such as,
Today, as Cardiff pointed out, they know leaders
This measure was taken out of the pressure from the directors
In the shopping center.

Start from scratch

Antonio Tolosa Rice, the center manager for Mall Espacio
The city was encouraged to use the city's facilities
Do more daily activities.
He said of access to vehicles, "That is it
This is a decision among the Magellanian families
The place as a confusion. "

They did not take it, he added
Consider the factors that make Punt Arena a different city
The rest of the country, he put forward "turn the page"
The purpose of this use.


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