Sunday , January 17 2021

The prosecutor's office wants to review Ruta 5 Surar's camera which stops the bus and leaves the injured woman in Ersila. National

The public ministry requested a revision of images of Route 5 South Security cameras in Arizilla, where the result was a new attack with stones in the bus. 75-year-old woman injured in her head.

At 890 on Sunday this Sunday, a stranded people stranded in a Kammiko sector at Cametta 590km, which was going from the region of Bioboho to Temu, the woman was slightly injured, which was transferred. And attended the Victoria Hospital and gave leave afterwards.

Bus was producing a special trip to San Sebastian's religious festival, through which 32 passengers were traveling. More injuries were not reported, but the vehicle's windows were damaged.

It is the second event for similar features of Irina's Commune, as the driver of the company's Jet Jet Sur Hector Karasco lost its right eye after receiving a stone effect on November 21.

According to Radio Bio Bio sources, the public prosecutor requested a review of the security cameras installed on the highway, because it kept in mind that the events were recorded in daylight and according to the accounts of the witnesses, they saw a group of people in the field

It has been suggested that they will be young children and it is believed that they will be a work of disruption, because there were no leaflets or opposition places.

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