Sunday , May 16 2021

The report shows that Pinera has abused her favorite phrase of Pedro Di Valdivia for more than a decade

The President has been misquote since at least 2001.

Penéra always repeats that it is a phrase that Pedro di Valdivia wrote to the Spanish king, in which he told them, "He has seen a magnificent mountain range, which quickly turns into a dynamic river, which quickly went towards the sea."

In fact, he was convinced of his censor that he challenged a section of the newspaper Mercury, Where they unmask false news.

After a thorough investigation, which included three national historians, it was determined that Pedro Di Valdivia has never written the word to the Spanish king in one of his 11 letters and thanks to this winner.

Mario is known as Orella, National History Award and character letter one of the nation's greatest experts, it confirms that "Pedro di Valdivia does not appear anywhere in the letter (…)" There is no similar word, no one. "

Presidency argued that Pinera took these words "from the column written by architect Kristian Bose, which was replaced by a critical comment on The Foundation of Santiago de Pedro Lira."

This text was published in April 2016, but since 2001, the President has used this appointment in various speeches, interviews and letters to the director.

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