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The strange interstellar objective is not an alien investigation, but a scientist with the asteroid


The physicist and astronomer who discovered that Omuvu was the first interstellar object found in the solar system, suggests that "the idea of ​​a solar signal of artificial products" is the lack of a hurricane.

The study, conducted by Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, revealed that the 400-meter-long object could be a "solar sail".

A solar sail, for the use of energy-generating energy-generating engines,

"The sun is gaining momentum in the gravitational field," astronomer Robert Weirik told Sibi. "When we first see this material, it travels faster than it is, so we know it is from our solar system, and we decided it was a comet, not a stupid one that disappeared from the ground, it was not a comet."

He added: "(Harvard researchers) decided to concentrate on another factor, that is an alien space, a solar-sized object that causes gravitational trajectory, but we believe it's not true on the basis that we actually obtained."

Ouuamua, the CBC said, "remaining in another solar system". What happened to us, we were fortunate to have a telescope at night and look at that direction, "he said.

On November 12, Harvard researchers told Fox News that the study "explains additional strength" in Omusura.

"Our work follows the usual scientific method: data is observing a deviation, explaining it to the standard explanation, the alternate interpretion has been suggested," said Lob Fox. "Weryk's comment" shows prejudices, "he added.

"I encourage anyone with a better explanation for writing and publishing an article on the subject, and any future interpretation can be exhausted when it comes to publishing further information or other people's representatives," he said.

Weirk focuses mainly on searching asteroids that lead the earth to a potential danger.

Results of study

"In terms of an artificial product, Ouquawa is a solar sail, it's like a remnant from modern technologies," researchers said on November 1 Harvard. They observed that this material had a "unique acceleration" in space.

"Such anxiety naturally evolves to the comets, but recent observations and theoretical studies suggest that the Ouama is not an active comet.

Harvard adds: "Similar ships are designed and produced by our own civilization, the IKAROS project and the StarShot Initiative, and the technology of solar webs can be used to charge charges on the planets and the stars."

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