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The strict rules should be given when the son of Prince Harry and Meghna should be born

If it was believed that being part of Royalty was somewhat simpler, the truth is that as part of being part, there are also series rules that can not be broken.

In fact, when Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel are born, they must follow in the letter.

According to Biobicoke, some of them are:

1. They must use a blanket publicly for their presentation

When it was born, the child must be wrapped in a special blanket of the Fabulous Feet Shawls Factory in Nottingham, England, for a period of 100 years, which was started by Queen Elizabeth II, the tradition which introduced the prince. Carlos wrapped in this natural wool blanket in 1948.

2. They should dress a little for their baptism

The ceremony is chaired by the Archbishop of Canterbury, which will use water from the Jordan River for the ceremony, where it is believed that Jesus was baptized by John St. John.

Additionally, the child had to use a replica of Queen Victoria's costume for the baptism of her eldest daughter in 1841, because it was originally used by about 60 children and due to its fragile condition, she had to make a replica in 2008. .

Kensington Royale | Instagram

Kensington Royale | Instagram

3. Learn to congratulate the audience properly

It is called Windsor cellulose and the hand is straight and hard to wriggle the wrist without moving the hand. However, sometimes Prince George and Princess Charlotte choose to wave like their other child with their hands.

4. They must teach at least one foreign language

In order to communicate with everyone in their official interview, it is essential that children become bilingual or multilingual and their training starts at an early age.

For example, Queen Elizabeth speaks French, Prince Charles and Prince William speak six languages, and Prince Harry speaks Arabic during the speech of Dubai.

5. They should always be with their bodyguards

Because in May of this year, the supporters of the terrorist group ISIS called its followers to attack Prince George and attend school, security for children doubled, who could not go out public without the protection of their children. Bodyguards, which should also be outside of their school.

6. Kids should always wear shorts

According to property expert William Hansen, Harper's market magazine is considered to be a long pants middle class among young children.

Expert explains that the correct age of long-term change is that "big pants are for older boys and men, while shorts are one of the cool social classes in England." 8 years old

7. They can not sit with their parents

Children should know how to take care of, because according to the magazine of Australia, Harper Bazaar will continue to ban with their parents, as long as children are not learned "art of modest conversation" until they know how to behave properly Is on the table.

8. They should not fly with their parents

Children can not travel with their parents on the same plane, if there are at least two Crown heirs, the established protocol for the protection of royal descent in a fatal accident.

However, after the advent of Princess Diana, this rule is broken because they take their children with them for months, and Kate Middleton and Prince William went with Prince George for a trip to Australia and Princess Charlotte on a Canadian trip.

9. Always be educated

Children should be an example without having to follow and always show their etiquette and speak properly, for example, or without a popular phrase.

It should be mentioned, however, this is not always true from the marriage of Pippa Middleton, Kate's sister George and Charlotte were standing in the tail of the bride's dress, so her mother had to reprimand her.

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