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The success of preventive pills in the fight against AIDS

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© Yves Herman / Reuters | On December 1, the World Day of Fighting against AIDS is celebrated.

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Last modified: 12/01/2018

Currently, more than 10,000 people in France, just about same-sex men, follow the preventive treatment against AIDS virus, prip. This treatment is authorized and 100% paid by social security since 2016.

According to ANSM Drug Agency, 10,405 people have started preventive treatment against HIV during January 2016 and June 2018. In addition, he is growing steadily with 500 new people every month since 2016.

The agency said that the fact is that the fact that more and more people, especially men who interact with men, prefer to treat this prevention is very positive.

The prip theory is simple, it is enough to take Seronagatives to take advantage of truavada tablets to prevent the virus. This drug, which connects two antiretrovirals, was administered only before seropositive.

France is the second country after the United States to authorize this preventive therapy against AIDS; And the first country where social security fully accepts these expenses. Preppers are mainly hazardous to people: same-sex men or prostitutes.

Opponents of this treatment have accused them of fending some of the hazardous behaviors and have quit using condoms.

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