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The Supreme Court admits Dorothy Perez is to be redeveloped. Chile y Radio u Chile


On Monday afternoon, there was allegations in the re-analysis of Dorothy Pérez, a former subcontractor. Turn to his duties, as ordered by the Court of Appeals. However, after Comptroller George Bergmade's appeal, each party heard the arguments to decide who is right.

Monday, November 12, 2018 18:25 hrs.


On Monday, the former Sub-Secretary Dorothy Pérez was quashed at the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court. The Santiago Appeal Court ordered it in October last year to fulfill his obligations. The allegation was illegal and authoritarian.

The High Court ruled that the state defense council, headed by the State Court of Appeal, has appealed to the appeal court's appeal to prevent the resumption of his duties.

On August 20, the corporator George Bermudes alleged that he had called a witness in the fraud of the billionaire businessman in Kabanerero. Then they asked him to resign. After 48 hours, the companion was dismissed and replaced by Maria Soladad Frontend.

As part of the new Comptroller's Office in this new and final judicial case, State Defense Council President Maria Eugenia said that the Constitution was futile and based on factual facts.

The lawyer explained that in line with this decision and pointed out that it is wrong aniyantritamanenn, "prompting the Comptroller and other officers of the criminal investigation saksikalakunnatinayi the resignation of fraud, kabinerareasil. Naturally, those on a background of the fact that whether or not a vivecanadhikaramuntea visam'maticcirikk. Because of this, every saksiyuteyu Be able to inspect the situation. "

Furthermore, the president of the CDE states that laws have not been fully revised in time and that this type of entries are not fully reformed. He added that the situation was not acceptable in this situation. "The publication of the media in the media created a lot of damage and the physical information of the case information was wrong. Dorothy Peres

Maria yugeniya manad said, "the position of svabhavikamallenkil, a special sahacaryamuntakum in Chile. President of the Republic, the Government of any of the power of the state and of any sanghatanayeapealum, or in his hand, such a padaviyumunt crosses the atirvarampukalpealum a standard of living, a new kamputteayar to put his faith in the sub Eantreal addehattinuntavilla. "

Dorothy Perez's defense advocate Ciro Colombara argued that his allegations were inconsequential, and he demanded the appeal of the appeal in October.

In his various statements, the press councilor has changed his interest in demanding the resignation of the former sub-contractor and hence his behavior is precisely his.

In addition, he pointed to a sentence written by Bermudes himself. In an academic discipline he said: "A compiler with the sub-serviceor, special tribunals enjoy the legal rights and dictatorship of the members.

"The administrative law general, this updated version of the 2014 edition of George Bermessz," he said. "The academic Bermes Soot is the opposite of what Bermudes did in the solo compiler," he said.

The lawyer argued that a letter to Percussus would affect the correct functioning of the Comptroller. Because he confirmed that his representative was a very good network to return to his job with Bermud. .

In the front of this judicial system, the company, George Bermès, promised to remain calm in the process, ensuring that he would not resign his position against the decision of the court.

As part of this, the third Chamber of the Supreme Court has signed the case. In the next weeks, Dorothy Pérez's final work will be finalized.

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