Saturday , June 10 2023

The uncertainties for the biggest forest in Salamanca


An unfortunate incident occurred on Friday at Salamangala district at 4 pm. Five houses and a large grass was burnt in the town of El Ferofa in the town of El Erbo.

Soon, Euppal and Salamanca firefighters were moved to this area. The fire broke out with lorry trucks. Los Angeles and Canale have also reduced staff loss.

Everything indicates that the Tertullans can emerge in the grasslands near the people. The fire was rapidly flowing into houses where fire broke out. But unfortunately, everything happened. The fire in the community was not timely.

34 People live in a high school in Salamanca.

However, Fernando Galardo, mayor of Salamanca, said that after restricting the fire, the family would be given priority to help in a homeless family. Those affected by the authorities in this area can help.

The size of Hurricane Hectares is unknown, "he added. But it's about 20. The reason is the burning of the nearby hill and the caterpillar.

"The whole of the cars of Hilli will move forward, for unfortunately it's time (7:30), where we have more winds, so it's not that easy," he said.

All three agencies have been assisted by regional director Ruben Condado. Two fire victims were also helped to fire and Minara Los Pelimbers helicopter. More complex "and the conference with 13 brigidists.

He added that more homes would be influenced. However, the "unexpected" "interface" section, that is, is part of the city and the more rural area because there are many fuels: scraps and meals. The wind is moving in that direction, its control is complicated.

Finally, the local head of Onamie and the Annemi Regional Headquarters are expected to control the incident this Saturday. Because of the slightest light at night, the good performance of the wind breeze affects them. 6401

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