Wednesday , July 28 2021

They discover the hidden region of human mind

This Human brain It's still surprising. Recently a painter from this human body has discovered New brain area Which I am calling Andyststorm Nucleus, The Search George Paxino AO Was created by Professor of Neuroscience Research Australia (Newura).

Professor Paccinose doubted the existence of Endorstiform Nucleus 30 years ago, but now he has better seen it due to staining and image techniques. While commenting on this search the professor Pacininos It says that it can be compared to finding a new star.

"The Region It is interesting because it seems to be absent in Rheses monkeys and in other animals, "Professor Paxinos said," this field can be those that make humans unique to our brain size. "

Endorstiform Nucleus is located within the lower serbler peduncle, an area that integrates sensory and motor data in order to improve the movement of our posture, balance and fine motor.

"I can only estimate his work, but the part of the brain where he has been found can be involved in the control. Nice motor"Says professor Paxinos.

Inventor Professor.

The discovery of this region can help researchers find a cure for diseases such as diseases Parkinson's disease And motor neurons disease

Neurologists who investigate neurological or psychiatric illnesses use a teacher's map Pacininos To guide your work. Professor Paxinos's Cerebral Atlas is considered to be the most accurate for identifying brain structures and is also used in neurosurgery.

In the last 100 years, a growing understanding of the nervous system's architecture and connectivity is central to most of the majority of nervous discovery.

Atlas made by experts

"Professor Paxinose's Eliise Displays More Morphology and Connections Human brain And provides a definitive framework to evaluate the imagination of the synaptic work to treat spinal cord researchers. Brain diseases"Nura's executive director Professor Peter Schofield said.

Elsevier's Chief Editor Natalie Farah said, "It's really our honor to continue the legacy of Professor Paxinos for Elseir." "His books are known globally for our brain mapping experience and usefulness and for our contributions to framework, work and understanding. Brain development"

Professor Paxino, author of the highest publication release in Neuroscience and other 52 highly detailed maps of the brain. Maps find courses for research in neurosurgery and neuroscience, which allow for the discovery, discovery and development of treatment of brain diseases and disorders.

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