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They strive to bite my career: Sergio Ramos

Real Madrid Defender, Announce the name of "Lies" Sergio Ramos On Saturday announced that it wants to take legal action against the media that had to face unusual anti-doping control in 2017 by Spanish, He accused journalists who wanted to "smear" his image.

"I'm quiet, it's true that it's sad, and obviously I will take action against such people with my legal team Who tried to scratch my position and my professional career, "he said. Captain of Real Madrid In the mixed mixed zone this Saturday after the defeat against Eibar (3-0).

"In fifteen years (career) I have never denied anti-doping controlOpposite I have not violated any standards and I pass around 250-300 anti-doping controls, I am calm for this. But I'm also worried about the people trying to smoke my image, "he added.


According to the documents obtained by this platform, Ramos was rainy on April 15, after the game between Real Madrid and Malaga, before anti-doping control was carried out in violation of the Spanish law.

Sergio Ramos violated anti-doping rules according to football leaksSergio Ramos violated anti-doping rules according to football leaks

According to the documents of Football leaks, Real Madrid Captain got unusual anti-doping control by a powerful corticide on the night of Champions League victory in May 2017, before being dismissed by the UEFA, his drug was considered to be authoritative.

After the final, The player's anti-doping control revealed the presence of DixamathasonApart from local administration, a powerful Corticoid, Meadapart, banned from competing by the Anti-Doping Agency (AMA), reported on Friday, supported its information in secret documents.

Ramos He accepted the production, but by intra-antique injection, the argument, which guaranteed to UEFA, which took away the case.


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Ramos said, "It is anti inflammation of the Cleveland Acromio theme in my shoulders, but the subject was more than closed."

"I am not a mafia (behind these motives), there is only one way of truth, you can lie in lie, but he still lied" Ramos added, Who explained that he is familiar with this information for one and a half months.

"Both yesterday and last month I have slept in peace "Close


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