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They use their shirts as shirts: Carabinios attend childbirth in street situations National

This early Sunday morning Four police officers attended a woman's delivery (Known with initial VA) 28 years, J. Born on the street in Iquique.

In the upper part of the Iquique, Irisoos came to the streets of Irio with a uniformed police car, in which the woman requested medical assistance in the event of a lane so that her baby was born.

Carabinier's officials requested other police cars to support and deliver four soldiers in the interior of "U Reikoco" (revised housing), Under extreme poverty conditions, under some cloth and cardboard where women live and take shelter.

This Kabiniros captured his shirt as a sheet And other basic components, while delaying requesting support by CMU and ambulance, To the extent that the police officers had to act quickly At the same place, keeping the child in good condition, keeping a little girl in good condition, takes the police car to his mother's hospital in Iquique Regional Hospital, where she rests without any problems.

According to the doctor on duty, the newborn came into good condition, and it was determined that he came into this world on Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 0:52 pm. Weight 2,770 kilograms and 45.5 centimeters weight.

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The second carrier to attend the delivery was the second Sergeant Carlos Abate; In addition to the lieutenant Rodrigo Managers and Hector Ipanun, the second physical Sebastian Gatica, who started them in the Z-5819 tank in Iquique and completed Zb-7101 of Carbiniros de Iquique.

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