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This is the most frequent airlines of 2018 (and is at the top of the Latin American company list) – BBC News

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Time limit is not very important for many people. But for airlines it is clearly a priority.

John Grant, senior analyst at UK-based Airline Analysis Company OAG says, "It is clear that many airlines connect timely performances with their professional success."

It released its annual ranking on the same day in January Panchality League Approximately Airlines and airports in 2018 Based on 58 million tracked flights.

The OAG definition of on-time performance (OTP) is the flight or departure within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.

Generally, global improvements were made despite the challenges faced by airlines and air terminals.

But What was the maximum flying time of 2018?

COPA Airlines, most frequent

COPA Airlines was the longest airline in 2018.

Latin American Airlines Copa Airlines reached number one in the world's 20 most time-honored airlines Oge says that the exhibition with the time of 89.79%.

In 2017, Panama-based airline reached number four position in fourth place in 2018.

Copa beat the Latvian airline Airbeltic, Which came second to a narrow margin (89.17%).

Third place Hong Kong Airlines,88.11% with regularity; And in fourth place Hawaiian Airlines With 87.52%.

"The fifth place is there Bangkok airlines, Who experienced dramatic improvement in its OTP, grew from 77.58% in 2017 to 87.16% last year, "the report said.

Latem took the lead in the list of the most time-leading "mega airline" of 2018

Other airlines reported significant improvements year after year, and managed to get admission into 20 most timetable lists in 2018. Latum, Which is at seventh place; Or no KLM, At the tenth position. In 2017, these companies have 36 and 30 positions respectively.

Recorders have periodically talk about Panditia Japan Airlines, It is at 13th place, while last year was fourth.

"And Pulling, Probably affected by the French Industrial Process (before the Air Traffic Controls strike in France), it is the second airline in which OTP fell From 2017 to 63 in the seventh place "Study says.

The World's 20 Most Pendant Air Lines


Timely Operations (OTP) 2018


Timely Operations (OTP) 2018

1. COPA Airlines


2. Airbeltic


3. Hong Kong Airlines


4. Hawaiian Airlines


5. Bangkok Airways


6. Quantas Airways


7. Letam Airlines Group


8. Blue


9. Qatar Airways


10. KLM


11. All Nippon Airways


12. Jetstar Asia


13. Japan Airlines


14. Air base


15. Singapore Airlines


16. Delta Air Lines


17. Iberia


18. Soledized


19. Mango


20. Elitalia


Source: Panquality League 2019 – OAG

In the series of "Mega toAerolines", Which leads to the list Latum, With the regularity of 85.60%.

"Naturally, the 'Mega Airline' series has attracted a lot of attention and the rest of the actor was a late airline group, followed by two major airlines in Japan, All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines for LATAM, Latin America with a complex performance in different countries. In America, the results are particularly impressive, "Grant says on the AOG website.

And the highest period in Latin America?

Aromaxo has noted significant progress over the period from last year.

After classifying the regularity of Latin American Airlines, and after leader Copa Airlines, Latam Airlines Group is ranked second (85.60%) after reaching seventh in 2017.

Third place is Brazilian Azul (85.21%) who left a place after 2017.

"Aromaxo sees significant improvement in the OTP movement from 75.64% to 80.45%", is ranked seventh in the classification, the report states.

Latin America's 10 New Arical Lines


Timely Operations (OTP) 2018


Timely Operations (OTP) 2018

1. COPA Airlines


2. Letter Airlines Group


3. Blue




5. Avianca Brazil


6. Aerolines Argentineas


7. Aromaxis


8. Sky Airline


9. Gaul Linhas Aras


10. Caribbean Airlines


Source: Panquality League 2019 – OAG

On the other hand, in terms of companies in the United States and Canada, it was the most frequent period Hawaiian Airlines With 87.52% OTP in 2018, then thereafter Delta Air Lines 83.08%, and with Alaska AirlinesWith 82.61%.


The report is classified according to the size of the airport based on its size.

Under the category, among the largest "Mega Airport" (Which provided 30 million or more passenger services in 2018) is located Tokyo Haneda AirportIn Japan, with the regularity of 85.62%.

The second place is the airport Atlanta, With 82.23% of OTP in the United States.

And the third place is the airport Changi, Singapore, 80.70% with regularity.

Series of"Main airport"She is headed by her Sheremetyevo Moscow With 87% regularity.

The airport of Mexico City is the most frequent.

It is the first Latin American airport to appear in this classification. It's about it Mexico City's Terminal Which is located in 5th with an OTP of 83.84% in 5.8.

"China was one of the most influential results, where at the domestic level the three largest airlines made significant improvements during the year, when external factors such as industrial disputes and weather impacted the influence of some operators in Europe." Analysts summarize the grant.

He said, "The challenges of maintaining regularity this year will increase as the pressure on some parts of the infrastructure influences the performance."

Then in 2019 the airline and the airport will be prudent to see prizes.

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