Friday , May 7 2021

"Those who were on the tractor did not kill us"

Carberiros Raúl Evila, Carlos Elacon, Bruno Valenzuela And Patricio Sepplaed They were formalized in the Catrilanka case, who are currently in preventive detention.

According to information provided by the prosecutor's office, Carlos will be the author of Elkornon Shot Who ended the life of Camilo on November 14.

Past Sergeant Elkor has thought that the main points of investigation are the last evidence.

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On November 17, Elkar gave his earlier testimony: "After passing the third barrier, I was about 15 meters When I'm feeling myself with a blue tractor, Run by one subject and fell in with another.

"The driver saw his face and I knew that he had a mustache, the head of the companion was covered up. I found it in the distance of more than 10 meters and 12 meters, and (…) The first thing I did was to announce it to stop, My service points toward a vehicle with a weapon ".

Alarck added that he did this because, as they were moving, they received information from the helicopter who flew over the area that "three subjects had stopped the stolen vehicles and climbed on the tractor."

"They ignored me and continued their march (…) When we met, I said 'Stop, Carabiners, Stand there'. However, the tractor maneuvers were short and up-to-date, which kept me close to the curve.

"Then I decided to make a decision, I do not remember that four or five is exactly the one that leads to the shot tractor. I'm sure I can draw attention to the lower area of ​​the tractor, without being able to determine the right or left zone, but the rear portion, which was like a metal shovel.

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"My idea was to stop them. Where I was fired was a safe shooting area"According to La Tercera, testimony says.

After this, the tractor closed on the side of the road. According to Alacon, going down to a teenager, M.P.C. Known as, with its hands, at the same time She can see Camilo with a head wound.

However, he pointed out that during this intervention, he had "the target of shot from different places", not that Catalinca and teenagers with them were also armed.

"Those people who were on the tractor did not kill us"He guaranteed.

Raúl Evila, The mass murder convictions and the other formally made by the attempt of the assassination, then MA APC

Four formally currently inspection is in detention, at least for a period of investigation.

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