Sunday , August 7 2022

Time – Children are subject to a myriad depression



The UN More recently, the disease has been reported on the health ministry in the United States.

Officials said the number of blasts similar to that in 2014 and 2016 was over the number. Fortunately, the disease is rare: 90 cases have been registered in 27 states under Disease Control and Prevention Center (CDC).

It is still unknown if some children lose their face, neck, cuff, arms and legs. Children usually have symptoms after a week or so after a fever or respiratory failure.

Health authorities call this condition a stricter flaky maltitis. Nobody has been killed by this disease this year. But half of them do not have a stroke, some are serious complications, according to the CDC official.

The virus of polio and western nylon has been discarded. Doctors suspect that there is some type of enterovirus for this disease, and it causes cold symptoms in most people. But the authorities of the CIDC are not clear yet.

The CDC has said that there is a widespread augmentation of the disease associated with EWS 68. But in 2016, there was no such increase in the current situation.

There is still a lack of clinical evidence: a CDC official who reviewed cerebral phenomena of 75% in 90 patients and found EVV-68 evidence of a case. Another type of enterovirus, known as AT-A71, was found as another patient.

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