Thursday , May 6 2021

Tip rates will be applicable for drinking water consumption this Saturday

Superintendents of Sanitary Services announced that this Saturday, December 1 and 31 will take care of the peak period for healthcare customers.

In this way, accounts can be increased in more cases than the established limits of overconsession, for which calls are made to pay attention to their accounts and their drinking water consumption.

In most health companies, the overcondition rate is applied to 40 cubic meters, which defines each of the related tariffs.

This means that it applies to a solid meter used after passing a fixed monthly limit. In the case of an average consumption of more than 40 meters in a non-peak period, its consumption in cubic meters exceeds its average only, is influenced by the overcondition rate.

"We are not only in Chili, but we are facing delicate moments related to the world's water shortages. This is a phenomenon that is not seasonal for a long time and it has become a reality which we must face, so this peak will not be in ours, Caring for water during the year is "Ronaldo Bruna, chair of Sanitary Services commented.

This peak period only applies to the areas of Erika and Terapaka, from La Arakuuna. The rest of the south zone does not have flat rates and increases the usage limit.

In this context, Superintendance provided some tips for water's responsible use:

1. Cut a stopcock if you are leaving your home for more than a day.

2. The boiling water is used to bring the plants to the water. It will also provide nutrients from its shell.

3. Close the tap of water while brushing your teeth. This way you will save 12 liters of water every minute.

4. Take a short shower and turn off the shampoo soap or the key while applying it. You will save an average of 120 liters every time.

5. To drink water, do not let the tape run; 12 liters of water is spent per minute. Choose to use a jug or bottle in the refrigerator.

6. To save water, save water in laundry, sink and shower keys. They are too cheap!

7. Clean your tap filters once a year.

8. Fix all the dripping keys. You can save 180 liters.

9. Opening the key for what you want to graduate. If it is unnecessary, do not open it completely.

10. Do not let the water run when you shave. This suggests saving 24 liters of water every two minutes.

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