Monday , January 25 2021

"Tito Fernandez" voiced: I misinterpreted some of the signs

The singer-songwriter, for the first time ever since allegations against her came to light "Tito" Fernandez He gave a comprehensive television interview where he mentioned the facts.

The artist was in La Red's "Cada dia major", where he interacted with Alfredo Lamdrid About the allegations of sexual harassment and rape that many women against her And for which he had to appear in the investigation by the police.

Singer-songwriter said that Their "mistake" "Humans were not put into personal, anything, nothing to do (…) This is a mistake that made me very stupid and I'm paying dearly. "

"I am free from work, they have not called me anywhere, they are not going to call me, who will call a rapist?", Along with the composer clarified that "I do not have any romantic relationships which I know. I have definitely misinterpreted some signals. But that was my biggest mistake"

In addition, detailed meetings with women. "I hope justice is done, I am innocent and we will see what happens… The only real thing is that I agreed with these women once more, once more. That's why we did it many times, not just one, "he clarified.

Finally, Lamadride gave him the space to talk to the camera. "First of all, I'm not a rape, I'm not, I'm not, that's never me, please, trust me!"Started

And then, he punished: "I spend a very bad time, but you know I am right. I have not done anything… and I am very guilty for this situation, and thank you very much for supporting me, because this is where you meet people. Now I do not know that I will sing again, I think that"

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