Friday , January 27 2023

TNN apologized for informative treatment of Fernandez Maysell case


Public apology was sought by Chile's national television For his treatment of the case of the young Fernanda Massial in his press department, Which has strongly criticized social networks.

Remember that the body of the girl was found after one Monday and it was half done.

After issuing a registered note after this station, this fact provoked strong critics in the social network "How much do we know about his personality? How does the Fernádio Massil's personality describe in the police report?". In the development of the journalistic report, forensic crime analysis lien was introduced, which is included in the Investigative folder of the Public Prosecutor Office, in which the characteristics of young woman's personality, according to their "Nothing is not easy".

In a statement by a host of Central Newscast on Friday night, Station Verbetim says:

"In connection with the 24-hour note of Fernandes Massil was issued on Thursday and he commented on social networks, the National Press Service's Press Department wants to clarify that this note was made on the basis of reports that appeared in the investigative folder of the case and it was too much for the culprit Was important. ".

Then add it "A note issued by the National Television suggests that does not judge the allegations against Felipe Rojas, who accused of murder."

In the end, the TVN statement states that "In this sentence, we apologize to everyone who may be offended by the content of this note and support the press division's commitment to fighting gender violence."

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