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Triple H has left the WWE main cast


What would Triple H like? When everyone felt that the COO Leaps and borders are growing and after the XFL resurgence in 2020, Vince McMahon's shoes are a bit pale, when news came out that Eric Bissoff and Paul Heyman would take part in the main show. WWE … its over

The most frustrated person
Triple H on Monday Night Row 04/03/2013 – WWE

There was already information about the clash between the mother-in-law and the in-laws, but nobody imagined that two people have been in business for almost three decades, Out of which, in the last one, he did not play executive roles, similarly, he was going to position him. However, he wants to silence the rumors with a welcome reception from both on Twitter.

The Fiction Select and Wrestling Observer does not agree with why the wrestler was placed, giving two conflicting versions to each other. Fight the report:

"Everyone is surprised. The first reaction I got was that of a star that has been with the company for some time, who wondered why Triple H was not given any place.

«Another fighter compares it with Shane McMahon Trying to improve the position in the company so that in the end it will always be ignored.

«Not everyone supports the declaration and in fact There is a certain pessimism. Another fighter said that Vince McMahon still charges everything, and is counting the same ».

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And the Observer's Brian Alvarez,

«They told me Triple H is never considered for any position of executive director. Obviously, they want me to continue focusing on NXT ».

Anyway, putting itself in place of former WWE Champion, it is believed that its glory can be touched, because we all know that their ultimate goal is always to be captured on Vince's site, and the NXT is just a test. That takes it to take it. It's called bad when it's called, besides that, it's He has been stripped of himself from the main cast himself.

And gentleman, this is information. According to Brad Schepard, a journalist who has lost some credibility in recent times and so we must take reports with its elaborate, this has been assigned to the Yellow Icon Director and Now Roe and SmackDown will not work in the creative field, Because he did not do a few weeks ago.

WWE Performance Center – Sean Michaels with Triple H at WWE

This alleged movement has not been endorsed by other media of more prestige, so we will be conscious before it is approved, but fails to draw attention to how it is true, One of the three top commanders of "King of Kings" seems to also be part of the committee. Shepard added:

«Triple H skunkdown will go away from Gorilla position to live and focus on glass nXT.»

We will see how things get developed in the days to come, in which there is no doubt, we will learn about Paul Leaves' steps and the loss of power?

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