Sunday , January 17 2021

Twitch Prime picks up for a very limited time before its own launch

While the big relationship between Devollor and Twitch was patented with an essential batch of Inde fortress games last month, which can not be missed, now it's crystallization to remove its next presentation: Main subscribers can download Picnicu Quite free!

In other words: From today, and two days before its presentation, All Twitch Prime Subscribers (Service – The way – linked and included in the Amazon Prime) can be claimed A free copy of Picnicu For PC

what's that PicnicuWhat? A colorful adventure title as colorful as surreal. And for the template, next trailer.

To claim our copy, it will be enough to go through the Prime Boot Tab (crown next to the notification bell) and associate it with our account. And, if you have not already done so, do not miss the Festival Divilver Digital Pack with seven extra games.

We will be Until January 23 Piccunicu's claim of a copy will be officially released on both Steam and Nintendo Switch on that day.


Of course, once you get the exchange you will not have to pay for it again: you can enjoy when you want to run them from the Tweet desktop app. Do not leave it until the last minute!


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