Monday , January 18 2021

Uber begins to develop autonomous driving techniques for its bicycles and scooters

For a while, Uber is developing its own autonomous driving technique. Although early last year, due to the misuse of pedestrians, they had to suspend road tests of their autonomous cars, in December they resumed their tests, refusing rumors to pay attention to the sale of their autonomous driving division.

Currently the vehicle used by Uber to develop its technology is the Volvo XC90, equipped with all the necessary hardware for a large SUV, and autonomous driving by the Swedish brand. However, it seems now Uber wants to go ahead with the world of four wheels And to develop autonomous driving solutions related to other types of vehicles.

So, Uber will work Integrate their autonomous driving systems into their electric bicycles and their scootersAccording to Chris Anderson, executive director of 3D robotics. Advanced Technologies Group of Uber (ATG) made the announcement late last week. Thus, electric bicycles and scooters can go to the loading locations or to be able to transfer autonomous driving techniques to more demanding areas, working with trucks that collect and migrate today. Vehicles.

Obviously, Uber has created a new division within the company Develop full autonomous electric bicycles and scooters. This division, called Microblogy Robotics, will be in charge of operating a company owned and operated electric cycle and scooter within the company recently acquired by Uber.

The latest company's statement said that the new division is in search of employees. "Uber's new mobilitas are looking for ways to team Improve safety, driver experience and efficient efficiency Our shared electric scooters and cycles by using search and robotics techniques ".

Currently uber-jump cycles There are already some advanced tasks related to self-diagnosis Failure and defect Although this type of service has been classified by its simplicity, Uber invests a large amount of money in R & D to develop direct application techniques on their bicycles and scooters.

For the moment, Most of the competition focuses on improving the hardware of their vehicles Two wheels, while focusing on Uber software, is something that can give them the best competitive advantage in the future.

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