Friday , May 7 2021

Uruguay moves forward in the group stage of Libertadores against Curacre

Chile University Missed the opportunity to dispute the title National championship Last week to equality against Iquique Sports, this would try to improve this Sunday on Sunday. Curriculum Unido, Which will look for C.Consection Libertadores take a direct ticket to the group stage of 2019.

Frank Cudelcuna's team is assured of its presence in the top title of the title, which is the third part of the championship, giving first feet awards in the first round, but not enough for that. Team with good performance in second semesterIt also The year will be closed as the winner of the championship (By now it calculates 17 victories).

Thus, three of its responsibilities, U. At Universidad de Concepción, you should wait for a minimum draw In his duel with Colo Colo, take second place in the stands.

In this work, they are displayed as blue band titles Johnny Herrera; Matthias Rodriguez, Christian Wilhelms, Raphael Vaz, Jean Buzouzur; Rafael Carrocha, Gonzalo Espinoza, Yerca Leva; Yfrsson Hotel, Francisco Araniaia, Nicholas Guerrera or Sebastian Uilila.

Meanwhile, Curriculo, who is away from the fear of fighting for South American Cup qualification and will make the form without any choice. George Deschamps; Yersen Opezo, Eric Gaudy, Kenet Lara, Joao Orris; Sebastian Zuniga, Martin Cortés, Ricardo Blanco, Matthias Cavalry, Morro Quiroga and Gabriel Vargas.

All the details of this meeting can be played together with the remaining crucial matches on the 30th, you can follow it together. Al Array virtual marker.

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