Thursday , July 29 2021

Valdevia: "What I want to be is health, to categorize cups and to be valuable" sports

Colo Colo Flyer, Jorge Valdevia, Spoke in a press conference in the previous match against Albos HuchPeto, Corresponding to the end date of the national championship.

Advised on the option of commitment to steelers, midfielder said "It's hard, but I do not lose hope, I want to stay with my classmates on Saturday. I see that the medical team lets me play, now if I do or do something wrong then it is something else, but my intentions may be, however, I know that this is not my last game this year, because we are in the US. Looking close with Day Cones. Human beings, and finally with the people ".

In that line, "wizard" added: "What I want is health, this year we can become eligible for the international cup And all the campus players are valuableRegardless of how the situation is in the club, Classification of South American will give us real value for what will happen next year. "

Valdivia also had words for the situation being passed Augustine Orion In Albos. "It is a complex issue that the Orion is not renewed. He is an experienced player and wants to innovate, because he wants to stay here, likes Chile and clubs. I believe Augustine will continue, because it is clear that both sides are intrigued. "

After all, Flyer said, "We know that our business is the same. There is a boss who tells you that you are not in the team's plans for next year and he does not have any other compliance"

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