Thursday , January 21 2021

Victims of sore throat infection were transmitted on birthdays

Every six deaths Henturis It is spread in a moat city APN They were known to each other It is known today that 50 people have probably been affected by the virus, who shared the birthday with the first person who contracted the disease.

Victims of transit in transit were transitioned on birthdays - image

All of the dead, including the residents of the APN, are from the same family circle and friends. So far, 19 positive cases have been reported (six are counted dead), 8 were removed, 1 suspected and under 2 observations.

But the biggest worry of this outbreak is the change of viruses transmitted by rats and their transmission person. Doctor Teresa Straella He said that this infection "occurs in close contact with patients, in the initial period of the first episode between the first 48 and 72 hours".

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He explained that "this is something extraordinary" and "we believe the virus is more aggressive than other seasons." Always at this time, we were in the case of hantavirus, because it happens in other parts of the country. "He also made clear that" all cases were registered in the city of Apuen without the cases registered in other people. "

The doctors in the area have confirmed that everything started on 24th November during the celebration of teenage birthday. There was a pawn that contracted the disease to clean the shade. He also infected the virus with his wife and party girl.

Both he and his wife survived. However, 14-year-old girl died. This happened on December 3 and the teenage became the first victim. Other cases arose from those meetings, so that 50 people related to the circle separated from quartain in different quarters.

Doctor in case of loneliness Jorge Elias He said that extraordinary measures of selective loneliness are deeper. "We recognize each of the closest contacts in positive cases and use them individually." And then added that at this time respiration remains with solitude, which moves home.

Hantavirus is a disease that occurs in rats, directly affecting the respiratory tract of humans and can be fatal if not treated timely.

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