Sunday , February 28 2021

[VIDEO] A teacher lays a teacher in a scandal

A teacher He made a powerful attack A student. The events took place Dario Salas de Chinnan Polyline School. The record of the attack was uploaded on social networks, where over 200,000 reconstructions were made.

La Discusión, a student who attacks a teacher I am a student of eighth grade, Interruption in class, Course is calling out to get out of time quicklyHe rebuked the teacher, The student put himself on a punch.

Seremi de Educaciii mentioned from "The first complainant to attack a student as a teacher in ububle area ".

"He is not even a student, And interrupted the class by inviting everyone who wanted to go outside. The teacher asked him to go to the roomAfter he had retired, he waited to go out to shoot him"Said local head Felipe Rösler.

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