Wednesday , January 20 2021

Video | In the Complete Golden Globes, HBO's Game of Thrones & # 39; Introduced the first advance of Sony E.M.M.M. last season

The first unpublished records of the sequel of the epic series

Give it HBO Credit: It takes into account when the eyes are in another place. After the broadcast of half the world Golden Globes, The TV station displays its best lips on everyone's lips: the first real appearance in the new season Throne Game

No, it's not a teaser, but in the middle of a clip where HBO summarizes the programs, it is preparing 2019, what would be the end of the popular series based on its novels George R. R. Martin

In it, you can see the first meeting between Sansha Stark and Danner's Targarine, With the return of Wintrele to John Snow, when everyone prepares to fight against them & # 39; White Walkers & # 39;. You'll soon be able to see the & # 39; Night King & # 39; Can ride on his brand new zombie dragon, with which he overturned the northern wall to attack the Westeros.

It is known that the & quot; Game of Thrones & # 39; Returns will be returned in April after about 2 years of lapse. We still do not know the date, but this is already excited.

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