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What happened when Elon Musk failed to send a car to his client?

Musk puts this issue into the & # 39; Delivery Luggages & # 39; " You can do this to avoid this verdict.

16, 2018

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The FIG Successful distribution of finished products Customers usually have a Achilles for any company B2B o B2C. Whether you're building pipelines, or making a successful coffee brand or building electric cars, loading is not your most powerful feature, it's not yours or high school.

That is why the partner or director boards, analysts or customers know what the logistics needed to do in the future of your home.

Let's make Flash back Sunday, September 16: That day Elon Musk, CEO Tesla MotorsHe said Personally a client tweet He's the one who complained about the delay in his new car. Musk wrote that his company is trapped in "delivery materials fire".

As an employee of Elon Musk, tweeted national news. More than that, a high-tech company with a similarly similar to the Tesla Musk. Often, hyperballs are used and unmanned statements in public forums.

But in today's logistics market, the Musk tweet is not far from the truth. The problems surrounding the finishing cars that deal with Tesla are part of a problem that affects the problem. Discovery of goods and equipment.

At a macro level, the distribution network in the United States provides great demand and low levels. As reported Journal of CommerceGartner researchers predict that supply capacity in 2018 and 2019 will be limited.

This toughness for Tesla is the fact that the specialty market that supplies the fuel vehicles. It is also a relatively small messenger to switch those cars to March and deliver customers. Therefore, finding specialized trucks is difficult and there are limited number of drivers available to manage them.

Drivers must have a special certificate to deliver this type of delivery and require a dot license. People who want to do this work for some time. As is widely reported, the lack of drivers is a serious problem, particularly in the last year, which has led to a reduction in the ability of everyone.

Is that a buyer who tweeted that tweet? He was aware of the ongoing delays in the "intermodal" logistical channel, including train. As explained by the Intermediate Association of North America, we are now experiencing the highest passenger train loads. However, the goods stocked this year are common because suppliers are trying to sell the goods of the past quarter to the sellers.

Talking about Muskis and Tesla, the company recently acquired the production of the 3rd generation of the company. This was one of the most anticipated waiting. Hundreds of customers are waiting for cars booked before months. The company's distribution network has seen a significant increase. Large quantities have large volumes and large distribution systems. It does not interfere with executives in normal areas.

What happened to Tesla and Walmart?

A few months ago, Tesla announced that Musk's "productive hell" was reviewed. Tesla announced that it had achieved a target of 5,000 cars every month.

However, this increase in productivity was used only to make the delivery issues worse. For young people, tesla-like high-end companies are thinking and managing the distribution network and at least making strategic decisions.

B2C companies are general, marketing and selling every time They come first, increasing profits, creating people's boosts, increasing public interest and attracting investors. Logistics of any company is not usually a priority, but that knowledge is considered an expense rather than an investment with an income.

For this reason, in the retail sector, small and medium enterprises have reduced the issue of distribution power, where large chains like Walmart put new laws in their trading network.

"Time and wealth" is the last regulation of Walmart, in the form of goods, in the form of delivery of goods, arrives in guaranteed delivery windows, cargo and all crafted items. If there are major fines for slow or late deliveries, the developers will seek ways to better monitor their incoming and outgoing loading.

A common solution is to use a third as a logistical provider (English with its 3PL). The 3PL and Delivery offers a wide range of transparency services to provide customers with better service, providing their delivery time and time limits.

The 3PL industry is rapidly growing, with some large companies making public sector and a significant increase in markets in the region. In addition to connecting to a variety of transportation systems to provide complete goods, 3PL companies will help avoid the loss of assets, giving visibility to the inventory level, creating companies faster and more flexible in terms of market conditions.

The challenges faced by the massive are almost identical to an industrial entrepreneur, a challenge to a hyper-growth and high demand for their products. Here are some tips on how to apply for your business to find more weight:

Learn the rising and challenging challenges

The increase in the amount you produce generates a significant impact on the distribution network. High volume and high-quality cargo for high production. You can find yourself in an unfamiliar territory, not using it for driving.

Learn about logistics or join a company that regulates the topic

Logistics is not usually a high level of activity with any company, and internally enjoying the experience is generally seen as an expense, rather than as an important revenue.

Find a partner that identifies the ways in which to optimize and monitor the output

In most cases, you will have to face the fatalities for delayed or incompatible deliveries, so you should always look for ways to optimize and monitor your input and output loads.

Save time and money with a partner who interacts with all necessary transfers

A 3PL company will offer you a wide variety of services that allow you to get the best services available, save time, well-discouraged rates, personalized reports and more transparency in the distribution network.

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