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What is a Cato or Ketogenic diet?

Nancy Uribe, Text by Nautilogola

Now these important dates have become like Christmas and New Year, most people are thinking of losing kilo and they have received this same season and at the same time will get the desired silhouette and ask for a healthy lifestyle: What is the best diet to achieve? In a very short span? Because this season is generally very limited to limiting food consumption or for healthy choices, the answer is the famous diet cato or low-fat catozenic, nowadays the catagenic diet is the latest in lost diet fat

What is pathogenic food?

In social and sporting areas, Katogenic food is a fast, safe and effective diet where you can triple weight loss compared to hypo-chloric (low-calorie) diet, which is the most common diet we recommend. Nutrilegos, In addition to reaching our goal rapidly during this transition, you do not introduce physical starvation, as you can read, "You will not be hungry" This is achieved by controlling the clinical aspect, this means that the specialist will come down with carbohydrates Usage is less than 50 grams per day and gives continuous dose of protein, but not only protein, it is a high protein protein Must have This means that our body has essential amino acids and neither one of them can produce itself, and in contrast you will get better condition of the day. .

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Today there are various presentations of high biological value proteins like bars, soups, cakes, crepes, cookies, snacks, juices, etc. On the other hand, on all sides of high-value proteins, any diet will be very important in hydration, it is advisable to take at least 2 liters of water, glasses taken throughout the day can be controlled by counting glasses or always with our thermos or water bottles Bring that, helping us reach the goal of water usage, besides collaborating with the environment She One important issue of catagenic diet is to be complementary with vitamins and minerals. Expert is the only one who can best recommend our needs.

During these types of diet, cereals, fruits, dairy products, the use of cheese, butter, and many other food items that should be suggested in clinical or nutritious consultation will be restricted to a specific time, that does not mean that these foods are not bad or eat Should not be, it is easy to be in the process of reducing carbohydrate gradually should be added gradually with the Dietary Reduction Guidelines Prescribed by a specialist, in addition to reducing the weight quickly learn that this means our expert health we eat healthily so that we can no longer maintain the lost weight.

This gradual introduction of different food groups will help our body learn how to metabolize all the macronutrients such as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates so that our body does not store fat and we can not recover lost weight.

What is the advantage of a Category Diet?

One of the most amazing advantages of low-fat catagenic diet is that the lost weight will be reflected in fat and not in muscle, considering that the loss of muscle is 20: 1 ratio of 20: 1 ratio in the ratio of 20: 1. Which is very fan because it prevents or is unclear from stopping the skin, especially if the target weight is more than 10 kg of weight loss, this is achieved not only by dieting but also by supplementing it with physical activity, so that high The use of biological protein intake begins to create muscle, a physical activity should also be advised by a specialist, which means that the entire treatment rate of the coach Process will guide us and tell us what we can do according to the number of how many calories and food groups that we use.

With cutogenic diet, cholesterol levels, it is possible to reduce triglycerides in the blood fast and safely, while reducing the size given by the circumference of the waist, we can reduce cardiovascular risk, in a few words we can avoid heart attack, and the risk of diseases like diabetes or hypertension Also stop.

Emotional work …

On the other hand, it is important to work Not only emotions for this diet, but for any plan or method that we are thinking of, it is necessary to contact specialists in coaching, who will work in an emotional part, will give us the amount of encouragement to continue worrying and in return. And finish our meal satisfactorily.

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Is Setogenic Diet Really Safe?

Like any method or feeding plan, going with a specialist or multicultural team is important to guide us and suggest whether to show it, because there may be a possible contradiction in all foods, at that time we avoid advancing it, deciding to start it It is best to first inform yourself and do something that works, websites, magazines, books or information If there is any scientific endorsement in the system and that is, we usually do not pay attention to these details which can protect us while deciding to start.

Therefore, if you are looking for a safe, effective and proven food, the Katogenic diet will be your best partner, the only thing you need to do is to carry out the above security guides to start properly the food plan you already own. To achieve a healthy lifestyle and those results will make you really surprised.

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