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When there is no limit to evil: Fireman condemned the group of young people who had a fire in Caramas

This Saturday night Bomberos de Valparisso Slander a peculiar situation. A group of young people brought fire into the forest CarumaThe fact is that the video was recorded. Not so satisfied with this, audiovisual content was later shown on social networks.

In fact, in the sequence "They boast of their feats Bobbyos said that after fleeing the arrival of the arrival of Carabinioros,

Featuring a shocking video, Bombayers reminded that on Wednesday the claim was definitely declared in the field AV Parque Nort in the area of ​​Paçila-Carouma

That day and at about 5:28 pm, Caught a hectored fire in the original forest, This area poses a terrible threat to wildlife. Fortunately the flames did not spread to the populated places. Then, it took nine of Kanafa's fire, helicopter and airplanes to close it.

In sequence, it is possible to see a group of young people who transit a type of jar. However, it involved explosive material, because it was a one-off Red Warning in Commune.

"Both the evidence of this serious fact and proof of the media are analyzed and they will be handed over to the competent authorities within the next few hours," said the fire department of Valparisano.

Watch video condemned by Valparisano's fireman:

[Denuncia] The video shows a group of young people who started a fire in Curuma.

[DENUNCIA]: The Record of Serious Video Shows a group of young people, Plasila de Penuelas (Valparaiso), who started fire in the area of ​​the Quayama. Audiovisual records were recorded and displayed on social networks individually. Wednesday, January 2, a big fire broke out. He declared the risk of spreading wildlife and populated places, in the area of ​​1700 hours in the area of ​​Paçila – Cua, without control and without extreme hectic of hereditary domain, in the field of Paraki Nart. To counter this incident, 9 units of Valparasios fire department, land brigades, helicopters and conifs airplanes, the support of the municipality's coastline of the Vellabori, the regional government and the attendance of 9 units of Essavel were essential. After an anonymous report to Bomberos Valpreioso, Video Records is able to appreciate the precarious work of a group of individuals who would potentially manipulate a jar with the corresponding ones. Explosive material, which will later become a significant fire and make a red alert for the community. All of the youth groups were recorded in a series of acting videos which were later displayed in social networks where they boast about them. Flight immediately after the arrival of Carberiros flew Evidence of these serious facts and evidence media is analyzed and will be handed over to the competent authorities in the next hours. Valparaíso Valparaíso Provincial Governorate Maria de Los Angeles de la Paz Rivero Jorge Martínez Durán Muni Valparisso George Sharp Fajardo for the Valparaiso

Posted by Valpario Fire Department on Saturday, January 5, 2019

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