Tuesday , January 19 2021

Without equipment and in a new office: Return Dorothy Perez to the Controller

"I am fine, I will not give statements, I will come to work, thank you very much"

At 8:05 this morning, with a smiling and red stem in the heart where he was taking gifts, the subcontinent Dorothy Perez After a long struggle with the supreme power of the body, after the Supreme Court's judgment, after he was re-established, he returned to his work, Jorge Bermudez fired him for "losing self-confidence."

It is a complex return that includes many results for Perez. Early in the morning, The body opinion that was separated from the sub-controller was published in the official gazette, Chiefly representing him in his work as a judge of accounts.

After his return to the controller's office, the practical changes took place: Dorothy Perez's offices are no longer on the 9th floor The Tretino building, where the personal office of Controller and its office is located, was moved to one on the 7th floor – in a large and private bathroom – where the department's office is located. It was the only place that Patricia Ariagda was occupied by overnight coordinator of Mendoza.

The most notorious, in addition, is his team's decline. Prior to being removed, part of the part of Perez's group, transfer-like graphic services and communications department – due to "loss of self-confidence" in advance, due to being a controller pointed, staff-Carlos Erveau, as the remaining adviser-chair with its principal His personal secretary, Sandra Blondell.

Today he is just in his team, Because its main staff was transferred to the Second Regional Metropolitan Controller. In keeping with his secretary Bermudes was contracted with, Perez set in the morning after reaching the building, did not walk for more than ten minutes in a brief meeting, he tells the interior of the Controller.

In a meeting held on the 9th floor, Bermudes gave them status updates and publication in official gazette in addition to the official change in the office in the morning.

Internal summary

Dorothy Perrez's condition is also complex in terms of internal summary in the organization, which participates with 21 officials and former officials to investigate fraud in Kbbneros.

According to information gathered by the lawyer Eugenio Campus, 2010 will end up with a major summary settlement solution that will warn of fraud, and will be part of this type of allegation of a split in the chain of events.

Contradiction is that one of the outcomes may be dismissed; However, the Supreme Court approved Perez's charge as "real estate", who left the episode ending suspension.

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