Friday , January 22 2021

WWE organized its first talent show in Latin America in Santiago

Wrestling company WWE Created on Tuesday Santiago Its First Talent Test (Trial) In our country and Latin America, The evaluation of over 40 fighters who dreams of sports stardom in entertainment.

In the session held at Vista Santigo in Sero San Cristobal, 43 fighters represented eight countries, who had shown their skills before. Matt Bloom (also known as Albert and Tansai)The director-in-director of the WWE Performance Center

Bloom, thanked the present people after directing the first training, and assured that this effort in Chile was a "good experience" because He saw much potential in Latin American fighters

Apart from this, he highlighted "Chloe, strength and desire to move forward", because it is a chance to arise, and opening the door for future efforts left off finding talent in Chile.

Likewise, Kenyon Simon, senior director of WWE's Talent Development, explained that he is in search of Latin stars to increase the presence of North American companies in the continent.

After all, two wrestlers in the evening, one Mexican and one Brazilian, representatives of the WWE Development Area, end with the performance of NXT.

Try this out in Chilean Wrestling, this landmark is that the WWE will be present in Wednesday. Moviestar Arena, 9:00 am (00:00 GMT).

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