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Youth killed after being shot in Porto during central station! National

Youth killed after being shot in Porto during central station!

The victims were contacted by a group to steal their vehicle. When the youth handed over the car, he was shot in the stomach.



On this Tuesday night, a young man died after suffering a bullet and after receiving bullet and villa portals. Central Station

At approximately 11:30 am, a 22 years old They reached their house on Central Street on their car, when they were violently interfering with an unspecified group of subjects.

Criminals threatened the victim with a shot in the air, but when a young man got out of his vehicle, One of the subjects shot him in the stomach, Who caused him severe injuries.

Later, relatives moved the young man to San Juan de Dias Hospital, where he died due to the intensity of his injuries.

Police personnel investigate the place to find responsible people's place.

On the event's site, victim friends and relatives did valeton.

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Burn vehicle

After a few hours, the young man was burned in a stolen vehicle community I'm in that mirror.

Keya Sportjage, which was filled with fire, was found at the corner of La Caire and Vespussio Surre.

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