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Believe in the update, increase the power of the effort

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 17 From

Topic: Strengthening the faith of reform, and strengthening the power of endeavor – All sections of society "Understand the Opening"

Zenhua News Agency correspondent Lao Zongung, Hu Hao, Wang Peng

"Talk about numbers, talk more about emotions, talk about achievements, and talk about future ventures.

In the past few days, "Learn the reform measures, until the end of Expose," the issue, the leaders of Departments related to the exploitation of the people of all sections of networks that we are opening up the reforms in the last 40 years of life ceyyappettu.rastriyakarya departments, the main topic of the current social care W We have noticed that ratikarikkunnatinum waiting for the new period of reform. Open and promised expectations as well as online interactive exchanges have been further encouraged and expressed in a more comprehensive reform and open faith.


Open communication: The great benefits of 40 years and openness are witnessed

Preappaganda by the Central Department, and the State Central Organ of the Working Committee, the Ministry of Education, the Central Military Commission of Political Work Department, the program was jointly organized by the Beijing Municipal Committee of the video, graphics and live broadcasts are made to communicate with the nerrjisumayi, nerrsaisukalute asan Responded to OEMs. Since the reform and openness of the last 40 years, especially after the eighth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, advanced practices, great achievements, and valuable experiences have come to be thorough and accurate.

From 25th October to 13th November, three sessions were conducted in the sessions series, each of which hosted 15 renditions of the Central Reform Office with brief concerts and interactive conversations and asked 45 questions.

"I have changed the miniary channels of the two organizations to the internet, this is new and more cautious! I think ministers are getting closer to us!" The Novel 's live broadcast from Netizens has earned a boost.

"This forum has many dry goods, some have a strong connection with the development of Mathrubhumi, some of them directly involved in our work and life." The rich result,

The overwhelming popularity of the economic and social progress of the reform and openness of China over the past 40 years has repeatedly been seen by lectures and interventions.

China's pre-school education increased from 10.6 per cent to 79.6 per cent in China from 1978 to 2017, said Education Minister Chen Bosengh. The enrollment rate for primary school children in elementary school has been increased from 94% to 99.91%. This modification opened up the History of Calculation Education for School Education, 2006.

Qama Aguo, deputy director of the Chinese Army Academy, said that the party had successfully completed the 40 years of leadership of the party and successfully implemented the anti-people forces to meet the tasks of the people. People are also stronger in understanding the mechanism and increasing its infomatic velocity.

The Shanghai Committee of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Chinese diplomat was deeply convinced that the lives of the ordinary people have got clear benefits. "Wherever you go, your home country is behind you."


In the Forum Live Broadcast page Netzens joined the heated debate: "I am very happy to hear the minister's answer here, very much in response." "I'm proud to hear ministers." "Mathrubhumi will be able to open and praise the detailed and detailed explanations through ministers and find major changes in 40 years of reform."


Firm belief: reform and openness is important for determining the verdict of contemporary China

The remarkable achievements of the renewal and the opening of the millions of people have woke up. In the series of Forbes, invited guests demonstrated great accomplishments of reform in various areas, along with the heat issues of social anomalies. The CPI (M) expressed its ideological theory of comprehensive deeper reforms, ensured that the Party Central Committee be ensured and finally launched. Determined.

A member of the Central Organization of the Organization, Zhang Janchun, summarized the construction of the party members, took up new activities, strengthened the party organization and introduced new youth camps.

The great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the socialist features, self-confidence, confidence, confidence in the theoretical, and institutional self-confidence, self-confidence and cultural saktippetuttunnatilute 40-year campaign against the ideological and cultural activities and improvement of the turannatumaya vanpankupratyekatayan Department of the Central preapaganta As Executive Deputy Director Wang siyavuyiyi. Concentrate on the position of Marxism in the ideological guideline, the whole Party and the common struggle of all desiyatakaluteyum aikyattinuventiyulla the ideological cohesiveness base, this period of development, partikkumeappavum pureagatiyumayum ahead, an open approach to the socialist reform and modernization of the Saka Is to be considered and given encouragement. Public opinion polls and thinking about good spiritual and cultural conditions.

Some listeners were deeply motivated and said: "The answers of the ministers and the intriguing interpretations and attention to the heated areas where diplomats notice." The symbol of the ministers pointed out is reasonable, ordinary people are the darkness, the biggest change. "

Guests made a deeper interpretation in response to the key criteria for enhancing update and depth.

What is the effect of thoroughly raising the "bones of the bones"? Mung Huang, deputy director of the Central Reform Office, said: 95 percent of the 336 major reform measures proposed by the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee have been implemented, some of which are implemented, some are being attacked and attacked. Difficult stage.

Is the Ministry of Environmental Protection shifted to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources only to rename it? "Uniform" functional positioning shows that the newly formed environment and environment has opened up the "environment and water", "ocean and water", "land, ocean", "city and village", "carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide".

"After hearing the introduction of 40 years of achievement, I think it's harder to cross the river through the pipeline, thanks to the efforts of the predecessors". "The Chinese dream for the great reincarnation of the Chinese nation needs to be reformed, opened and continued."


Conversion Powers: Working together to implement reforms

The series of Forums that can address people's livelihood, never interact with or streamline regularly, and to capture the audience and Netguns, to implement reforms and to open up to the end.

"The villagers have to divide into three forces. Is it because the people of the town can go to buy land to purchase rural land?" "Every year the college entrance exam will have some changes, ask, what are the existing college entrance examination modifications, how will the next step be changed?"

Many topics are closely related to the daily lives of ordinary people. At the same time, guests' responses were realistic and long-term.

Since the Communist Party of China is the 18th National Congress, what is the procedure for judicial reform? Which reform measures do the Policies-Legal Amendments to maintain security and security? What are the ways to solve the "execution difficulty" of the court decision? Deputy Secretary General of the Central Political and Legal Committee Jin Hanshao responded that the next society would be given a stronger legal amendment to establish a better society and build a socialist modernization power.

How can they improve the scams and methods of the people around them? Daridryanirmarjanavum provision of people, strictly perform the investigation and handling of corruption karuttavareat, to actively monitor the development of effective ways to expand the activities, a focus on the next steps to separate daridryanirm'marjjatte action to take to implement the Commission's Standing Committee member of the State sarvaisari Zhang said cunseng mirror member.

Artificial Intelligence, What kind of deployment is China? Wang Chiang said that China would focus on developing open co-operative artificial intelligence technologies and innovation systems in order to promote artificial intelligence for the economy, industry and society.

The questions that ask the question move towards this question, the answer is unpublished, and the orientation is based on the problem of reform and the livelihood of the people, proving the credibility and administrative transparency of the government.

Many Net Sites said: "In all times, I always felt that the reforms were far from my life, and the integrative reforms involved in various fields were very close to the lives of the common people." "Reform is not a promise, it must be executed."

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