Saturday , January 16 2021

CBA Single-Game News: 18-game winner of Leoning refreshes the regular-season winning streak of the team – – Xianning News Net News Channel

  1. CBA Single-Game News: 18 consecutive wins in Leoning refreshed team's regular-season winning streak – Ziannian Net Xianing News Network News Channel
  2. Leoneing Team 5 Fines and 1 Throw! Zhengjiang general manager was fired from the scene
  3. Guo Ailon 33 + 6 + 2 18-Leaing winner of the game's breakthrough has broken into team's history
  4. Average score 22 points and 6! CBA's strong local data is of Goo Alin for ten years.
  5. Lost 17 points in the first round! Lee baskets win a new record to meet Sina's pain
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