Monday , January 18 2021

Chen Yunin was in a bad mood before detaining. Netizens' claim to tear off the face – worry-free information

Recently, the most famous event in the entertainment circle is Woo Xiobo's neglect. This is already the New Year's second wave. At the beginning of the mid-autumn festival last year, actor Chen Yuli opened the events of Woo Xiobo in the circle of friends and circle. He started the storm of public opinion. I did not expect this event to disappear after a while. Wu Ziub was still active in the entertainment circle, working as usual and was excited to announce.

Chen Yulin's parents wrote on her daughter's viibo that her daughter was kept in detention for a long time, this phenomenon once again got attention. Chen Yulin's parents announced that from 4 November 2018, Wu Ziobo invited her daughter to return to her. After discussing follow-up issues, I was taken back to the country only and taken by the police at the airport. Later, they learned that Wu Zibo has reported that Chen Yulin used it in connection with privacy to use his money.

Later, Chen Yulian's parents supported Woo Xiobo's mobile phone number. They asked whişe ziobo that their daughters passed their daughters Do not waste your life so much. Chen Yulin's mother is truly emotional about seeing her unbearable and mild nature for her daughter. Only they can say that they are looking for a way to save their daughters.

However, Chen Yulin is now in such a situation, he can only say that he is self-defeating. Looking forward to Chen Weilin's former Weibo, the world is full of mountains and water, enjoys life and enjoys life everywhere. I want to ask the small artist of the 18th Line. That's all it is not enough money to make it so useless. Big money like Woo Xiobo thought that he got a cash cow, and he never wanted to be worse than anyone else.

After opening the relationship with Chen Yuli Wu Ziibo in the Mid-Autumn Festival last year, she no longer played and her mind changed. On October 21, 2018, it was the last show before Chen Yulin was detained. He sent two self-portraits, not matching the full text text, only sending three clouds, it can be seen that their mood is as cloudy as the weather.

Netizens also made a direct comment on their web site: Career Ziaison, is looking for the next house rhythm. At that time, Chen Yulin publicly caught Woo Xiobo. It is clear that there is no room for rejuvenation of the feelings of the two people. Chen Yule watched Netizons' comments and replied: stinky sb, then tear your mouth! It is seen by the words that someone is jealous of his younger three, he is very angry! However, after one week, he was arrested.

Nativity is also saying that you claim to be wrong with your third child. This is the result of touching the family man. In the end it is not a fish's death or a net break. Mrs Chen Yulin also states that her daughter was very bitter in detention. Thirty people were trapped in the cell They can eat only steamed buns every day and their mouths are blurred.

Falling down like today, I can only say: Poor people should be disgusting, I hope the case will end soon! What do you think about this?

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