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DP World Tour: Chubby Reed 1L Wooting 24th A Shawn T38_ par


Original title: DP World Tour: Chubby Reed 1L Watong 24th A Shun T 38

On November 17, Beijing Time, European Tour 2017-2018 Season Final – DP World Tour Championship was held at Dubai Jumeirah Golf Club. At the end of the third round, American Masters Champion Patrick Reid and England's Danny Willet topped. Francesco Molinari and Golfer Tomi of England took part in this year's Dubai Prize King. – Flinwood Wood was officially withdrawn from office.

American Masters champion Patrick Reed won the second and 66th in the third round. In the third round, six birds and a box were played. England batsman Danny Willt received 5 birds and a booze in the third round. With 4 runs and a score of 68 runs,

Jordan Smith is a score. The third and white Tier Lee Weiss scored 13 points in the last 203 points at the end of the four-year European Championships. Toward came to fourth place. Matt Wallace and South Africa Bermister – his achievements.

Francesco Morinari, who contested for the Dubai Crown, was not the main difference between England's Tommy Flitwood and both of them basically withdrew from the championship.

Dubai King Fleet Wood was at sixth place one of the 36 disasters last year. But in the third round, England scored only 74, which is more than the second, there are no players in the game, there are two boxes. The total score has collapsed 210, the sixth, 24 points, eight points from eight points.

Italian Molinali's 70-ball shots improved to the second round of the second round. But there is a bard in the third round. Double bogy and two boxes are credited. The total score is 211, 5, and is tentatively ranked 28th.

Champion Jon Ram is behind the ninth spot, the overall score is 206 and 10. There are 5 birds and two boxes.

In the Third Round, China's first brother, Lee Wutong, scored 69. As in the second round, he had a double boog, but fortunately he used 4 birds to pin. The total score of Li Liang is currently 210.

In the first two rounds of 72 and 74 years, the worst performance was Vush Asshan. There was only one box in the game. Burke has reached sixth place. With 67 runs and a 5th ball. At 213, 3rd scores were 38.Go back to Soho and see more

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