Tuesday , August 3 2021

Guangxi Jinxu: Yao People's Festival of Panvang organized a folk festival – ZinhahNet

</p> <p>Guangxi Jinxu: Yao People's Festival of Panvang organized a folk festival – ZinhahNet

On the morning of November 23, with the singular voice of Yoxiang, Leibenan city, in Jinxian Yao Autonomous County of Guangxi province, "World Yaodu – China Jining 2018 Yao Nationality Panning Festival" fired.

The Flying Festival is a traditional festival in which Yao people remember their ancestors and have national national characteristics. Tourism, national culture, national sports, agriculture, etc. are included in activities including the opening ceremonial (Festival of the Festival of the Flying Festival), Thousand People Yaoyang Bank, Yowang Carnival Night, National Traditional Sports Activity Exhibition and County National High School. Third National Sports, Third National Round, Yowan National Cycle Challenge, "Returning to Glory, Replacing Classics" Yao Culture Party, Jinxy Red T Competition, Maunon Thousand People Tour World Yado, "The most charming youth in" the most beautiful and beautiful "photography Finding the Contest, China's Jinxu 2018 Yao Flying Festival and Yao Yao Kang Yang Beauty's Beauty Whatever the occasion and more than ten of exciting activities.

"We hope to encourage Jinxu to promote the development of the national cultural tourism and related industries by the Panwing Festival and gradually create a win-win situation in which cultures are set up, traveled and sings, and people increase their revenues, and from poverty Helps out. " Secretary of the Gene County County Committee, Leiben Municipal Committee's Standing Committee Wei Debin said. (Nong Guanbin, Chen Haiqing, Luo Haiti)

Guangxi Jinxu: Yao People's Festival of Pavilion organized a folk festival


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