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High-transfer "hype" routines are strictly controlled by regulatory authorities – profit distribution, two cities, transfers, new regulations, now – Volkswagen News

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On Tuesday, with the announcement of 2018 profit-sharing plans by four companies, another company announced today the distribution plan. Of them, the shareholder who took control of Xinfenging proposed to transfer four shares for every 10 shares and distribute 1.8 yuan; Control shareholder of Ruxin Technologies proposes to increase 5 shares for every 10 shares.

According to statistics, on Tuesday night at 6.00, 23 companies in two cities have issued annual profit distribution plans. Among them, 21 companies make a cash dividend plan and the shareholder who controls Little Swan suggests that the company plans to pay 4 yuan per dividend and is currently the largest cash dividend company in two cities.

Apart from this, there are 17 companies that are planning to increase. Among them, Zhenggi Technologies's controlling shareholder proposed a distribution plan of 10 to 9.5 and 4.2 yuan, which became the largest proportion of the transfer company. At the same time, Yangfan New Material, Niveve Technologies, Zengguan Wisdom, in addition to the cash infra-red plan, also has plans of 10 to 9 shares; Hanbang Gok, Dinggu Jieuchang, Lianchuang Internet, Hong Kong Electronics, Jinling Sports, Sanxin Medical and Xinxing Roi Technologies have started a 10 to 5 or more distribution plan.

On the day of announcement of profit distribution plans, the price of Shanseen Medical, Zengguan Wisdom, Zhengy Technology, Xinguri Technology, Hanbeng Hi-tech, Dingu Jichuang and Yi Sheeda shares show the daily limit, on the announcement of profit-sharing plans. Six of the seven companies are AIM companies and a small and medium sized board company. At the same time, the merchant share capital holds less than 200 million shares, and most of them have sub-new shares.

According to the new rules on the High Transit Guidelines issued by Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges on November 23, 2018, so far, the high-migration of both cities has not emerged. According to the new regulations for high delivery, the SSE uses bonus shares or surplus reserve funds and capital reserve funds to increase the stock, with a total share of more than 5 shares per 10 shares, and Shenzhen Stock Exchange main board, small and medium sized Refers to boards and gem companies. For every 10 shares of bonus shares and public funds, the total share capital will reach or exceed 5 shares, 8 shares and 10 shares respectively.

It is worth mentioning that although the High Transfer has not been done till date, the regulatory authorities did not mitigate the inspection. By Tuesday, there have been letters of concern due to profit sharing issues based on the figures based on the exchange of two cities of Niyeve Technology, Yangfan New Material and Zain Shan. On January 21, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange expressed concern over Naywei Technologies, requesting the company to explain the basis of the nonprofit distribution plan and to further explain the intellect; The publication of a nonprofit distribution plan is a situation that has not been predicted by the price of the stock.

On January 17, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange expressed concern about Yangfan New Material. In the development phase of the company, the development phase of the company, with the company's net profits and net wealth development, requested the request of Yangfan New Materials and details of the distribution of profit distribution and company performance. . What does he match

The & # 39; Critical Inspection & # 39; After generalization, the investment of high-migration has also changed, mainly to strengthen the disclosure of information, and to pay more attention to high-migration and real purpose. Enhance equity and make enterprise enterprise stronger and stronger; Enterprise can develop high-growth; High delivery is involved with the operation, new rules increase the net profit growth and transfer the company's EPS; Higher dividend companies, that is, the higher cash dividend ratio will be more attractive. "Chief Strategy Analyst, GF Securities Die Kang believes.

At the same time, Die Kang has pointed out that focusing on the annual report of 2018 has been recommended, in which two "logical" investment logic is sent. First, it is associated with performance, and high delivery has become an important signal for predicting annual earnings earnings. Second, after the completion of high migration, the total share capital of the company and the rise in the creditable share capital, the fall in share prices, and the small and medium-sized investors, help the capital to help improve the market. Activity after performance performance, boost liquidity.

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