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La Liga Bell scored goals in 10 rounds, Real Madrid is still at 5th position – Sports | Sean Chaw Daily

With the remote team defender gas emitted by Olong and Vazkjes, the "Galaxy Battleship" finally eliminated "Bat" 2-0, winning 2 consecutive home matches at home.

Real Madrid took home 2-0 to win Valencia, Vazquez won the winning goal. (Photo: AFP)

(Spain, Madrid, 2G) played home against Real Madrid Valencia in the 14th round of focus on La Liga on Saturday, when the defender of Olong and Vazaxes team scored the goal due to gas, "Galaxy Battleship" ended 2-0. . Eliminate "Bat" and win 2 consecutive victories at home.

In the first 13 minutes of the game, only 9 goals in the first 13 games were lost, but the league lost the league in the 8th minute. Caravajal stole Gabriel's visitor's team against the right hand, and then cut off the last pass to pass. Prior to the goal the gas was torn, but accidentally scored, Real Madrid was 1-0 ahead.

Until the 83rd minute, Real Madrid could not successfully seal victory. Unusual hit the penalty area to the left. Vazquez pushed the ball forward to the penalty area. The Galaxies defeated Valencia 2-0, and the figure increased 23 points. This number also reached 5th position.

Real Madrid "Da Shang" Bell can still not return to La Liga from the Champions League, the 10 rounds of the 793 minutes in the league have failed to break the door, its longest goal in La Liga career, the last goal is only in early September this year.

Katowe saved his face again

In the second half, Valencia completely controlled the scene and lost the opportunity in the 72nd minute. Chelsea's tenant Basuay caught the mistake of breaking Real Madrid's defender Valenci ball and went to a meeting in the middle of the penalty area. However, he was attacked by fellow teammate Kato Toss and lost his chance of contributing.

As the most important sign of Real Madrid in this season, Kato Issue's performance was expanded infinitely by the media, but Solaris took office, then played 7 games and won 4 times, if the last round of the league Galaxy 3 ball was Fiasco, but it still Even with outstanding performance, the team is the best. Kato is not the first person to block the ball. In September of this year, the Madrid derby, with her face, blocked the Grizzman's single-handed shot, which released its warlike spirit.

Following such exquisite performances by the contestants, Real Madrid goalkeeper, Navas, who are reluctantly dissatisfied, can only swallow his heart and the time left of the team does not go away.

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