Friday , January 15 2021

Leo Uran Boyfriend Liu Yaron is the first on a Hot List with User P Picture Parents – Network Anconad – cnBeta.COM

Recently, some netizens have been forced to marry to avoid going home for the new year. PA himself and Liu Yanran had formed a group to live with their parents and said they are her boyfriend. After the parents learned, they first commented on Liu Xiaoran. "When your father was young (when Quià Bien said that his uncle was young when he was young), his mother said that he is jealous." Why did not you tell my mother that someone likes you? "" When you were young, the younger brother gave you sugar, you told your mother first. "" You are a bit sad like this mother. "" Mother is not my first daughter in my heart "(I am such a beautiful mother of Natison. .)

At the same time, the parent's daughter was very reluctant to become a boyfriend and sent a circle of friends to express their feelings. "I imagined that my daughter's marriage, crying and screaming, often woke up, I … I'm very careful, you do not say I have started practicing my daughter's speech after marriage. I thought about her What happens when my daughter gets married? "

After seeing the circle of friends, Netz expressed his grief to his parents. Finally, she confessed to her parents that the photos have been compiled in the pi. After parents learned the truth, they said they would continue to kiss each other during the spring festival.

When Natalie saw such an interesting hot search, she first expressed her opinion. "In the morning, I thought I would declare my love." "Liu Roern: People sit at home and my wife comes to heaven." Punishment "Cabbage of the house is quietly suppressed by pigs?" "Yes, yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes i am next to the picture of Liu uran:" Such beautiful and exquisite "???

As seen from Chat Records, Natison is a very loving father and mother. General family life is also happy. In such a family, there will be a situation in which parents are arranged to have a blind date. This type of picture seems unfair to Xiaobian. Feeling of happiness, I believe that in such a family, parents and children can still communicate well with problems.

And our chase star 鲤 昊 刘 昊 然, some time ago, because the chasing stars on the hot search list did not climb to the top of the throne, this time the first time fell on the hot search list, due to such a great reason, the heart is very happy Hot search, it's a good thing, of course, you can also be wronged, Netizen's parents do not know Liu Hron in the south, Xiaoran brothers have continued to work hard!

And our Liu Xiaoran classmates, short time ago, is known as Chase Star because of the stellar search on the hot search list, this time the first is on the hot search list, the heart should be very happy for such good reasons on Hurt Search. It's really a good thing. Of course, you can also be wronged. Natisan's parents do not know Leo Uran to the south, and younger brothers have to work hard!

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