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Literature from Taiwan, which has been dismantled for 27 years, still affects literature – Beijing News


Source: Beijing News

The National Center for the Performing Arts organized "Actor Experimental Classroom" between 16 and 17. The new edition is celebrating 40th anniversary of the group's foundation. The drama's lifestyle is used to recreate the collective work of the legendary landing drama in Taiwan.

This year's Upen Festival also revived an "Actor Experimental Classroom" to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Taiwan's Landing Theater. The show opened at the National Grand Prix of Beijing in Beijing and played till 17th.

"Actor Experimental Classroom" directed by Jin Shiji, Wang Renley, Yang Lain, Dengue Anding. Using the fragments of life, to transform the collective work of the lioness drama Lanling Drama. He honored the theater and theater in this event. The exhibition was exhibited in 1993 and performed only eight years.

Linling Drama is considered to be the most important essay in the history of the modern drama of Taiwan. The seeds for the mainstream theater still in Taiwan have also influenced the cultural circle and cinema varieties in Taiwan. Hoo haiyo hassin, yang dehang, and shang ajiya many people have come up with dramas. Beijing News reporter interviewed Jin Shiji for telling the story of this legendary story.

Duchengu Liu Ruisei is a founder member of the board

Speaking about the origin of landing drama, in 1978, after dismissing Jin Shiji, the head of the experimental committee of Lanling Drama, he began recruitment and recruitment, including Joo Ming. Huang Chengang, Liu Ruawswouan and other literary youths had a name in Taiwan at that time. He then personally invited Dr. Wu Jingji, a trained trainer in the United States, New York to study at Lama's laboratory in the United States. In the desert in Taiwan, these young men have never thought about their future and their future.

In 1980, the Jungsham Experimental Troupe changed its name to "The Lanling Theater" and participated in the first "Experimental Drama Exhibition". In the same year, the Lanling Drama series was combined to combine the performance skills of the western theaters like "Bav Wei", "Hebei New Match" and "Cats Paradise". In addition, the theater revolution was used to bring innovative ideas and ideas to break down and bring in the Taiwan Theater. Big shock.

The first part of the music is called "Bao U", and the cast is adjusted in a circular 360 ° degree. It is a physical play without a dialog. There were no lights on the stage, and some actors removed the mauve lights from their homes. Without clothes, all the actresses wear their own coaching apparel, even girls can make their own makeup with their own cosmetics. Without publishing, despite the lack of any funds, some of the bigger posters published in bulletin boards and corridors in various newspapers showed some simple posters.

Jin Shiju, at least considering at least 40 people's initial performance, was important in Thai literature and art circles such as Jiang Zun. After the performance of "Bao Yu", they continued in the chair for the second stage of Kasé and apartments. Jin Shijin reminding him: "performed, refused to leave the experts and friends, and they natyattilirunn waiting for you a long time to stay and chat ceytirunnu.at preatsahippiccu.taivan us all of our friends." Finally, you are here. "Avartticcurappikkunnatum these words, which were turbulent childhood tyubukalil Karki has great confidence.

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