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Liu Guoiling, "New Officers Take Fire Three" To Make Athletes Professional Professionals To Become Center Professionals – News News News

Caption: Liu Guoiling was elected as the chairperson of the new Table Tennis Association Xinhua News Agency

Liu's guide, chairman Liu Liu Guoiliang, who worked hard, made more efforts to improve and received more people's heart. In the condition of the chairman of the new Table Tennis Association, in the black dress and torch, Liu Guioliang explicitly said: "The new Table Tennis Association should be the center of athletes."

After Liu Guiliang returned to Guooping this September, the call for the chairman of the new Table Tennis Association was very big. And he himself is ready, and the future ideas and rehab directions are already clear.

Breaking communication mode

In the history of national table tennis team, players and coaches do not have a chance to pick each other. The team will split some athletes under the coaches of coaches like the style and character of athletes and the coach.

Two-way selection between athletes and coaches was carried forward by Liu Guoliang after the proceedings. Liu Guoliang explained that "this is a more humane approach .coch and athletes have their own styles and characteristics, athletes know their needs and know that at the exact stage they can break the couch at an intersection, more coordination than previously assigned to the coach. "

Caption: In the 2012 London Olympics, Chinese team coach Liu Guoiliang (second from left) and team members Zhang Zak (first from left), Wang V (second to right) and podium on Ma Long. SunHua News Agency

A few years ago, Liu Guoliang had planned to form the Athlete Committee. Now, with their appointment, the time has come to an end. He said that the establishment of Athletes' committee can implement the word "let the athletes become central". "The external world is consistent with the international community and has the right to speak the right to speak. The committee of athletes is a very strong voice. In the league, national team and future professional development, we will serve them with reasonable demand."

Rehab training system

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be the new Mix-Race Resipe, which Liu Guoliang thinks about breaking the practice of separate training for men and women teams and activating the new preparation method. "Mixed Doubles is the first gold, and only a pair of players participate, our closing training can not be separated. Men and women teams need to stay together, otherwise the mixed doubles can not be practiced, but the training base will accept a lot of people. Who is responsible for the mixed doubles? How do you communicate with each other? They will face new challenges and new challenges. "

This year Asian Championship and Swedish Open, women's table tennis has increased strongly, and the Chinese women's table tennis team has always faced unprecedented challenges. From painful thoughts, Liu Guioliang made a brave improvement. First, the men and women's team's coaches were exchanged, and then Ping-Pong "foreign aid ban" was abolished. Waiting for the Tokyo Olympics, Liu Guoliang pointed out that he should not make mistakes in the experiences. "It is very close to the Olympics, but our guoing strategic thinking is still low. Now we need to sit and study and exit."

Make bigger IP Table Tennis

The largest star, the highest economic level and the largest mass base in China, and the development of table tennis should be good. However, there was a fire in the Gooping Rio Olympics, but the Chinese table tennis failed to promote the development of the Super League. After investigating the newly created T-League in Japan, Liu Guioliang was very touched. How to make China's table tennis, a large IP has become the target of the new Table Tennis Association.

Liu Guoliang pointed out: "In the past, the Association was not made physical, and there was a mass of people in both teams, now it is physical. After the change of career, professional people do professional things. I hope the Table Tennis Association will become stronger. "

Caption: Liu Guiliang took player training in Beijing in Sinha News Agency in September

Liu Guyliang has clearly stated that she is thinking about how to create a Pop-Pong event after leaving Goping for more than a year. "I think after jumping, I can see clearly. In addition to taking the championship and doing well in the market, it is possible to rely on the performance of table tennis." She hopes that in the last few years Tokyo is preparing for the Olympics. Lieutenant General promoted the development of table tennis. "We need professional team and professionals."

Chinese table tennis, world share This is Liu Guoiang's voice. Hopefully, the new Table Tennis Association will become violent in the game's improvement in China and will create a unique way of commercialization and industrialization of table tennis. (Xinmin evening news reporter Tao Xingying)

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