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Market is cruel. Only 5 million yuan in 3 days sold. Woo Xiobo movies are not released! _ Eastern Fortune Network



"Sentimental" man broke down, and Woo Ziebo played her role.

Because he worries that the "Rashmon" of Woo Xiobo and his ex-girlfriend will continue the shock, and thus on the afternoon of January 21st, "Love St. 2" has a greater effect on film scheduled for "Spring Festival" or even more Unable to free. The sudden release time will increase on the evening of January 24.

But the market is cruel and the audience is real. Since 21, the pre-sale of "Love 2" was less than 5 million yuan.

This is the only day because the movie was officially released.Today (January 23), the official of the movie "Love 2" took a sudden decision: disarm!

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A day before the release "Love 2" was released

Today, a person under the "Love Saint2" propaganda party issued a dismissed poster in the WeChat circle of friends, poster with text: "Thank you to colleagues, you see in the future".

Image source: Friends circle screenshot

For the reasons for the dismissal, film issuer Huxia Film Distribution Company, Ltd. In an official document, "NowOn the request of the film, due to technical problems the term of exemption will be postponed."

The "technical problem" that has led to the removal of the file?

Is it rumored that Woo Xiobo's drama will be replaced by the translation of Wang Qianuan or Zhang Jia?

The Daily Economics journalist tried to contact Lee Nang, CEO of "Love 2", the lead maker of Feng Zinli, but the phone was never answered. Zee Media chairman Kao Hui told a journalist of Daily Economics that they can not understand the specifications of the film.

Selling less than 5 million,Theater has started compensation and refund proceedings

"Love Saint" originally hoped for a good IP growth. The first part of "Love St.", released on December 30, 2016, broke into "New Year's Day" with the "Black Horse" posture, and the 17-day box office exceeded 500 million, but there are theatrical theaters in the Platoon area in the spring festival doing.

Finding confidence in the film's continuous effort with excellent performance Cat Eye Professional Edition shows that there are only seven companies behind "Love Stories", and "Love St. 2" has gone up to 13. Male and female stars of "Love St. 2" were also "upgraded" to Woo Xiobo and Bai Bih by Kyō Yong and Yan, while Xiao Yang, Kiao Shan, Xiu Rui, Wang Zune and Die Laelle were also joined.

However, the "Love St. 2" pre-sale box office does not work well. Cat Eye Professional Edition shows that currently, on the first day of screening (24th January) "Love St. 2" pre-sale box office is 2.86 million yuan, which is calculated by 35 yuan movie tickets, only 80,000 people gathered in this done. Laughing Star's movie pays the bill.On the 23rd afternoon, the pre-sale box office of Love 2 does not exceed 5 million yuan.

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Many theater managers told daily economic journalists that they are already in the process of refunding and reimbursement. "Due to an instant change in the past, we do not have "Love 2", so the theater does not get much influenced."

The film is also very intolerable for the film emergency file and emergency evacuation. A hospital line manager who did not want to give the name said, "This type of thing we can not pursue, the first task is to cheer customers now and not to suffer them loss."

Another theater manager said: "The reason given by the film is for technical reasons.It is fair to say that this is a major factor and it is not good to claim compensation."

Zinli Media still faces gambling agreements Vandana movie "being pressed"

Woo Xiobo's "Love Saint" people could not be established, and they broke many manufacturers and distribution companies behind "Love St. 2".

One of the main investment Zenali Media is a veteran film and television production company. Comedy films behind "Charlotte Trouble" and "Inside Tacon" are new media. After experiencing the momentum of IPO failures in 2018, Zinli Media is committed to Tencent and Reading Group.

The association between Zinli Media and Wu Xiibo is not limited to "Love 2", and Woo Xiobo's Khagos cultural co-production TV series "Longing for Life" has already appeared in ZiaGang Satellite TV and Oriental TV's Investment Promotion Conference and is expected to be launched this year. .

It is worth noting that Jingle Media still makes gambling agreements.While Zinlie Media sold its products at a price of $ 15.5 billion, she promised that for the third year from 2018 to 2020, the net profit should not be less than 500 million yuan, 700 million yuan, and 900 million yuan, respectively.Otherwise, the cash and shares paid to the zenally media will be reduced by the reading group.

Apart from this, participants of "Love St. 2" also included Wanda Films. In November last year, Wanda's participation in "Love 2" was 10%, in the "Report on the presentation of the shares to buy wealth and related transactions" issued by the company.

Woo Xiobo's own business map is also quite extensive.

According to Tianakusu, there are 12 companies under the name of Woo Xiobo, which includes film and television production, artist brokerage, hotels, restaurants etc. In addition, the Wu Xiobo-listed company is a happy blue sea and contemporary easternShareholder. The dismissal of "Love 2" further reduced Woo Xiobo's social standing. In the near-23st century, the contemporary Oriental reached 4.69 yuan on the lowest level of 0.49%. Happy blue sea is not impressed.

Woo Xiubo's lawyer, Zhitian film and television prosecutor said that he received the wife of former wife Wu Xiobo, Chen Eulen's parents.At least one billion yuan loss due to Chen Yulin's behavior caused the loss of Wu Xiobo and Zhitian film.

Ironically, Woo Xiobo's last vibe is still on the promotion of "Love 2", with the words "New Year's Day".

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