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Morning Post | 122 scientists jointly condemn gene editing surgery / Apple or A13 chip / mask starts preparing 70% probability of migration


122 scientists first condemned "Gene Editing Baby"

Yesterday, Yi Jinqi of Southern University of Science and Technology announced that they have edited CCR5 genes of a pair of children named Lulu and small, so that they were born with immunosuppressive HIV.

The news that "the world's first genetically edited child with AIDS is born in China" has created controversy, and questioned its legitimacy, effectiveness, need, and moral problems.

122 Chinese scientists have issued a joint statement in this context that condemning condemnation of "Gene Editing Baby" project and saying "biomedical ethics review of this so-called research is in vain, direct human experiments are being conducted, it can only be described as crazy "And said that the Gene Editing Technology problem has not been solved, and it is a big change in human embryo. They are at risk.

Currently, the Guangdong Provincial Health and Health Commission has announced an investigation into the incident. Hay Xianqi's team responded yesterday and will open the project data at Hong Kong's meeting on Wednesday and say "history will prove that morality is on our side."

NASA's Insight Probe successfully landed on Mars

NASA's Insight Investigations successfully landed on Mars in the early hours of the morning and sent the first mars photo.

In the next two years, Insight will perform tasks such as finding space on Mars and Earthquake tracking to find whether the red planet is suitable for human habitation.

Humayun introduced Q3 financial report, net profit increased 109%

Humei Technologies released its Q3 financial report for the year 2018. Income grew 126.7% year-on-year to 1,747.70 million, net receipts due to Hummi were RMB 113.38 million, which increased 109% on an annual basis.

Financial reports show that income is mainly driven by the popularity of product market, running wearable products and sale of private label products.

Alibaba's organizational reconstruction, Tamale upgraded to "big cat"

Alibaab announced yesterday a new round of organizational restructuring and made the management system consistent.

According to the open letter, Tumal will be upgraded to become "Big Tight", will build three major areas of Tamal Business Group, Tommal Supermarket Business Group and Timmal Import and Export Business Department. Alibaaba Claude Business Group Alibaba has been upgraded to the Claude Intelligence Business Group, and Group Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Zhang Jianfeng (leisure) will once serve as president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Business Group.

Mask: My chance to migrate to Mars is 70%.

In a recent interview with Mask, he said that he has 70% chance of settling on Mars.

Musk also disagrees with this view that "Mars is a rich escape cabin." They believed that the probability of the people who died on Mars is much higher than the Earth. Even if you reach Mars, you can get busy living in a harsh environment.

Geneley Group Chairman accepted gambling and misused public funds and lost more than one billion people

The genital group, which was bankrupt and reconstituted due to the financial upheaval, previously informed that Chairman Liu Liarong misuses gambling and public funds and loses 10 billion.

Liu Lirong recently admitted in an interview that he had participated in gambling in Saipan and borrowed money from Jin Lee, but said he only lost more than a billion. The main reason for the company's failure is that Genelie's mobile phone business has suffered from long-term losses.

Apple will work with luxury brands like Gucci and YSL to help develop apps

According to Reuters, the French luxury goods group Kering recently announced that it is working with Apple to develop in-house applications for store staff to understand the stock's status in real-time. It also enhances the customer experience of iOS devices, including improving the in-store payment experience.

Carring has luxury brands like Gucci, YSL and Balenieagaga.

Sexy Ding Leigh, Nightclub Disc?

On Nov. 24, to promote the new "D Audio" radio on NetWise Cloud Music, NetWiz founder Ding Leigh appeared in the Shanghai DJ at nightclub TEXX.

It is said that "D Sound" is the world's most popular online audio broadcast dfm Strategy cooperates, and after 24 hours of entry into the station, users can listen to more than 90 types of audio and audio channels. Shortly before, Netvis Claude Musice also launched the Electric Sound Sub-brand Fever. According to statistics, the number of users in the Chinese audio market will increase from 400 million in 2019.

Canadian Visa Recognition Sesame Credit Score

The Canadian Immigration Department recently announced that while applying for a Canadian visa, Chinese citizens could choose to submit a Till Credit Visa Report as proof of financial and performance capabilities. In other words, users with an 750-point sesame credit can use the paper to print water and deposit certificates.

Prior to this, when Chinese citizens apply for a Canadian visa, then there are usually six months of current statements, three-month fixed bank deposit certificates and other material for financial proofs.

Related US Sections: Supervision of artificial meat production and will soon work on the table

US The Department of Agriculture and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently announced that they will jointly monitor the production of meat grown in the laboratory so that this "artificial meat" can be sold safely to consumers across the country.

Under the division of labor, the FDA will monitor the storage, storage and farming of essential oils for making artificial meat; The US Department of Agriculture is primarily responsible for food production and labeling.

Scientists studied individually: lago broke a piece of bricks, which could be discharged in approximately 1.71 days.

Six pediatricians have recently conducted a miraculous study: they swallow each part of bricks and consider time for dissolution (… do not imitate).

According to statistics, five researchers took the average time 1.71 days (approximately 41 hours) to extract legro bricks, while others took two weeks to release the lago brick. Researchers have reminded parents that Lego may be discharged within few days of eating, but it is best not to confuse children.

Huawei announced that it will launch a new machine next month and will use the first pole porn.

Huawei announced yesterday that it will release a new machine in December, mostly Huewei Nova 4. According to the officially announced poster, this new machine will use full screen to Samsung.

According to ET News, Samsung is also a collective open-cell flexible OLDD panel, which will be used for the flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series in early 2019.

Start preparing for Apple or A3 processor

According to Longhorne, Apple has begun research on a revised version of the broken Apple A12 processor A12. The name of the code will be "lightning" and the internal chip name will be "T8030". The 13th is expected to be launched by the next iPhone.

The previous report shows that TSMC will continue the OEM to the A3 processor. The A13 will use the 7 Nm EVU process and can have a customized version.

The Lenovo's new machine, such as the Heway P20 Pro, will be named Z5S on the network

The new Lanovo model L78071 recently passed the Access Licensing Network of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This new machine is Lenovo's first three camera phone, which looks like the Huawei P20 Pro in shape, the difference is that Lenovo's new machine supports fingerprint recognition.

Chang Cheng, vice president of Lenovo Group, said the name of the new machine would be Lenovo Z5.

The design of this lamp is inspired by the International Space Station.

The Paris-based SCMP design studio recently created the Dowwell named Chandellier, which shapes like an international space station.

Designer explains that this Chandellier draws on aesthetics of aerospace and spacecraft. Four satellite-like components on the chandelier can be moved by the desire to make different light.

Streaming services such as Sporty is expanding your horizon

Professor Bart J. at Stanford University's School of Business. Recent research by Brønbenberg found that charging mechanisms of various music platforms will be silently affected by our musical flavors. For example, shopping openings of Spotify and the purchase of iTunes album singles are two different modes.

Studies have found that when a user switches to streaming media from the music purchase platform, the music they use increases dramatically: 132% for songs and 62% for singers. And this trend is not a three-minute heat, even though it's half a year.

Brønbenberg said that under this change in consumer behavior, "you can listen to more music and expand different types of music."

Studies have also found that users who turn to streaming media will try to listen to strangers and specific singers. Brønbenberg believes that the charge of streaming media prepares users to take risks and sometimes they can try things they do not like. In the long exploration, at the end he would like the new vocalist.

2018 China's Top Ten Happy Towns Are Outside, Do You Have Your Home?

2018 China's top 10 happy cities have recently been released with Chengdu, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Cian, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Changsha, Taizhou, Tongchuan and Zhoui.

The survey was co-sponsored by "Looking East Weekly" and Wangwang Think Tank, and 12.25 million people took part in the survey. More than 80% of respondents believe that income is one of the deciding factors of happiness, and is the happiest among people with an annual income of 80,000 to 150,000 yuan.

Do you live in a happy city?

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