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Multi-Channel Funds "Avoid Difficulties" to Help Private Businesses – Financial News


Since November, many private enterprise listing companies have substantially increased their capital, increased capital, transferred the rights of borrowers and received strategic partnership. A bank-enterprise co-operative agreements with companies listed for fixing funding issues were signed. After the stock price of the company dwindled down gradually, capital capital capital resource capital was invested and the "injured" companies were struck down by the fall in the stock market. There were two cases of companies listed on the A-share market on November 8th. There was no placard in October. Analysts say that multi-channel capital support will help get out of the list, improve corporate governance and assist in the medium-term long-term value of the value.


All parties are taking an active part

Policy policies targeted by private equity plaid, debt risk and financing issues were attended by central, local governments, government-owned capital, banks, insurance and securities.

Billionaire, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shahi, and Shongshan are planning more than 100 billion yuan bailout plans. China Securities Industry Association (China Securities Industry Association) has issued a notice to China to invest in setting up the 100 billion Ununetate Asset Management Plan to respond to stocks. Incomplete figures show that the total amount paid by local governments and financial institutions has crossed 200 billion yuan.

Private entrepreneurs pass the channel "without any difficulties" as the money is being used for a bail bond. Since November, many private enterprise listing companies have gradually increased capital, increased capital, transferred the rights of lenders and adopted strategic stocks. For example, Kangde Group controlled Kangde Group Sokhou Securities is a strategic investor investing in Kang Dexin (002450, medical stocks) that signed a strategic co-operation framework in Shanghai's Investment and Soochow Securities (Quotation 601555, Diagnostic Stock), Shaggaagagang City. This will help to make 2.7 billion RMB investments, accepting rights or laws and other restrictions that are owned by the Kargest Group.

Banks are actively cooperating with companies listed to fix financial difficulties for private ventures. In the last month, five lists of liaison companies signed a "Compact Agreement on Bank-Enterprise Cooperation" with banks. For instance, dabi nong (market 002385, diagnostics), Huawei Bank (quotes 600015, diagnostic stocks) and invested in cooperative agreement to improve financing. This amount should not exceed 2 billion RMB over the previous year.


Represent the cards

When some enterprises gradually moved down to the bottom of capital, capital capital was the "capital of capital" which had reached "venturiated" entrepreneurs. Since August this year, the secondary market placard case has responded. Eastern wealth (market number 300059, diagnosis stocks) Only two placements in August and September were held. There was no placard in October. On November 8, two Plakard programs took place. New Salque Road Advance No 1 Investment Paranachshiation, which received the Juyi Zhongfu (market 000659, diagnostics), Shanghai Hakuan Brand * ST Euphu (Quote 002427, diagnostics).

The company's stock rose 64.285 million shares from the 10th of the current year to 5.2 per cent from November 7 to November 7. Future development and its potential value. The shareholder Jhien de industry owned by Suhhi is in debt and arbitration. The Jiyan Industrial Estate was found to be stolen in August this year. Because the debt could not be repaid. According to a new disclosure, the gouging company took over the Zhuyan Shawshu Shukun Shuko Shukuni Shukuni as an open auction.

Another listed company, ST, Efu, fell into the mud of the share transaction. On November 7, Shanghai Qinquo's revenues to 50 million shares have been added to the company's 5% share of the share share capital through the secondary market. Promoors of Shahina Waiko are Taioo Jeynang (Market 300606, Diagnostics) Energy Co., Ltd., Shongrun Trust, Shanghai Exhibition International Trading Company, Ltd. Receive future shares of the listed company for the restoration and operation of listed companies.

Experts in the new Rich Capital Research Center point out that two planners in the neo-liberal market introduced in November and reflect the current control of the orientation market. Stockholders in low share and short-term liquidity issues are small and medium-sized stocks that are more likely to invest in capital.


The company has "transformed blood" to improve its quality

The principal tactic of the Lisoxune securities, Shu Jünten, encourages and promotes high-quality listed companies for the purpose of lending to listed companies. This makes the instability and equity pledges in the capital market fail and is temporarily inconvenient. As partnership teams grow, lists listed are expected to be concentrated in two groups: one is a strategic industry with core technology and better development possibilities. The second is a privileged position in the sub-sector, with high quality enterprises with strong profitability, but short-term cash flows.

Validation of the listed companies varies greatly, while some companies are still obsolete, but many companies have fallen short since continuous decline. In addition, the number and scale of listed companies has increased substantially from the beginning of the year and the future will continue to be re-purchased. Backbenchers help keep stock market consistency and maintain medium and long term growth, and I think some companies might be screwed up by the external cost. "

According to the analysis done at the new Rich Copy Research Center, the repurchase rating of the listed companies exceeds the previous year, indicating that many lucrative companies have low value and investor value in view of industrial capital. There will be more placard cases than at the end of the year.

Shu Junoon pointed out that the "group" groups continue to help companies that are listed to prevent major risks and reduce pain in the process of financial transactions. This position helps in minimizing the usual productivity activities of the company and to manage the company's usual productive activities. Therefore, the role of multi-capital states, such as local governments, state-owned companies and financial institutions, is to improve corporate governance as a result of improving blood transfusions. And can. Suitable for improving the medium-term long term of the company's value. For every channel of capital, listed companies that suffer from short-term liquidity issues, the development of deposit channels and the increase in investment goals.

"Loan assistance, debt support and loan support can be solved this year for private capital financing, and equity assistance, such as government-owned strategies, not only promotes corporate governance but also contributes to the company's daily activities." Suun Junoon said. (Zhang Xiaoqi)

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