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The Jiaan Group responded to the first question, saying that financing is affected – financial observer online – professional financial news website

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Economic observer online journalist Zi Minimin On January 22, at 8 o'clock, Juan Group's head Shane Euxing did not participate in the media meeting.

For the last 20 days or so, this Zygang-based housing company, which is unaware of the public, has attracted much attention due to suspicions of selling and selling price of shares. On 21st January, a media meeting was held at Ziaxing, Zhejiang on the 22nd day, following investor luncheon in Hong Kong on January 21st.

Regarding why Shane Eixing was not shown, the Juan Group explains that "the legal advice of the company is that Shane is inconvenient to attend". The Giyuan Group said that the fall in share prices was due to incorrect information from short sale organizations, and the entire world was asked to pay a $ 350 million debt back.

The event of the Jiangsu Group came from the 2018 China Real Estate Enterprise Sales Top 20 list released by Kei Iru. In this list, the Jiang group is at the 35th position with a sale of 87.55 billion yuan. In sales numbers released by Carrie in 2017, Juan International's sales were 7.92 billion yuan.

Some organizations have published growth listings for housing enterprises sales in 2018, based on the announcement of the sale of housing enterprises for two years. The Gaiyaan Group is in the top position with 1005% growth. This increase raises doubts about the performance of the exhibition of the Juan group.

On 17 January, the share price of Juan International fell 80.62% from the previous day's closing price, and market value was evaporated at $ 26.3 billion. That same evening, the Juan Group said that the Giaan Group is completely unsatisfied with the GIAAN International. The major selling demonstration announced by Kerry in 2017 was Gian International. In 2018, the main institution was the Giyuan Group and the show was progressively increased. Compare the topic.

According to the Jiaan Group, the sale of 87.55 billion yuan in 2018 is made up of three parts: the real estate sector of Jiuen Chuangsheng (Jiangion Group parent company), real estate sale of Juan International in mainland and close of non-holding project companies. Projects that meet the requirements of integrated plans (shareholding ratio is less than 50%). In 2017, the sale of the Juan Group was 50.825 billion yuan, the actual increase was 72.2%.

At the Investor Luncheon on the 21st, Shane Yuxing said that the stock submersion short sale agency deliberately spread false news and spread to misleading investors. In a meeting of media on May 22, Juan Group said: "From Jiyuan perspective, we also want to know why the share has come and who is doing it."

On January 18, the share price of Juan International increased by 74.6%. According to data from Hong Kong Stock Exchange Equity Disclosure System, on January 17, Shane Uxing reduced the shareholding of GAU International to 93.62 million yuan with an average price of HK $ 2.7611. The cash amount was about 258 million Hong Kong dollars, and the shareholding ratio of Shane Uxing dropped to 51.1%.

On January 21, Jiao International CEO Zhuo Xiaon told that, on 17 January, shares of Jiayuan International were sold short by the short-selling organizations and the stock prices declined. Some shares of Shane Uxing were given financial assistance because they did not make a position and even on the 17th date. A small portion of the stock (93.62 million shares) was forced to close. Zhuo also said to Xiaon that Shane Uxing is currently at risk that it will not be forced to break the giyuan international shares.

On January 22, the share price of Giyuan International continued to decline 22.59%. In the afternoon, Juan International Holdings announced a short suspension declaration. On January 23, Juan International announced that it will share Minguan investment, which is wholly owned by Shane Uxing, which is HK at $ 13.73 per share. Shane Uxing's shareholding ratio is 51.92% to 52.86%.

Juan Group admitted that stock price volatility and public opinion have had an impact on Juan Chuangshan. Jiaan Chuanshanang originally terminated a short-term 500 million yuan short-term lending. "We should pay attention to investors' interests and let investors stay more calm. This matter affects our full bond issue progress." This debt will not affect our funding, but we will usually weigh the factor by returning the sale funds. "

The Jiuyuan Group said that this year Jayayuan Chuangshan's debt is approximately 2.5 billion yuan, and exercise rights total 5 billion yuan, most of which are focused in July-October. In the third quarter of 2018, Jaiyuan Chuangshan's property-liability ratio was approximately 77%. "We also have a bond issue plan this year, which is used to issue new debt and old debts."

Yang Lieming, general manager of the Ziyuan Group's Capital Management Department, said that he does not know when to start the money again, but in the issue plan, GYAAN will have 3 billion yuan. He further said that there is no current situation in which financial institutions are earning money.

In the 2018 Forbes China Rich List, Juan's head Shane Wexing has been ranked 62nd with 62.53 billion yuan, and is among the four listed companies. In it, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Gian International is a major real estate business platform, which accounts for almost 20% of the entire Juan Real Estate business. In addition to this, Boyz Holdings is listed on United Teen Maine ASX, and West Valley Digital, which is listed on the New Thirds Board.

The JiAuan Group said that the Juan Yuan International and the Juan Group are two different organizations, which have two different management teams, but real controllers are Shane Euxking.

The Xiang group proposed to sell 100 billion yuan in 2018, but the final ending rate was 87.55%. The Jiaan Group said that in 2018, total revenue revenues (including real estate) of Jiyuan were 105.6 billion yuan, and due to a series of recent events, Jiyuan would cut its development target by 12%. "We are no longer referring to the real estate goal."

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